Sunday, February 03, 2013

Thursday with my three youngest

Isaac is still as obsessed as ever with "hedgehog hair," and he frequently goes in and gets his head wet so that he can spike it all over again.  Whenever he is slooooooowwww to get dressed after a bath, all I have to do is offer to blow-dry his hair straight up and bam, he's racing to get his shirt over his head!

So once I had him pose like Derek Zoolander...and now he always makes this pouty face whenever he has hedgehog hair.  It's pretty cute.


We are ever-increasingly creative in our attempts to entertain Luke around here (so that he doesn't do things like write in Sharpie all over the counters, empty out trash cans, use his baby monitors to stir the toilet bowl, etc., all of which he's done in the last couple of days).  Please ignore the ghetto-looking hole where my silverware drawer usually is; it did not stand up to Luke and Neil had to rebuild the whole thing.

The other day Jules was trundling Luke around the house in the doll stroller so that I could finish up the lunch dishes.

Then he got they switched places.

My friends.  This kid is strong.  Like...really strong.  And big.  And very, very, very bright.  It's kind of a terrifying combination.  Yesterday he used a screwdriver to pry open the base of a Barbie car so that he could rescue the Hot Wheels he'd dropped down inside.  I didn't even know that you could pop off the Barbie car base, but Luke did!  And today I looked over and he was coolly reassembling his battery-powered nose sucker thingie, which I had taken apart for cleaning after using it earlier that morning.  He put it all back together, turned it on, and stuck it in his nose and gave me this look like, "What?  My nose was getting all stuffed again and you weren't doing anything about it."

Jules is still as in love as ever with her lazy afternoons spent curled up in a GIANT mound of fluffiness and listening to audiobooks (wouldn't you love to do the same?).  A few weeks ago she was asking if she could stay for full-day kindergarten, because she wanted to go to gym, and I said, "Well, I would miss you.  I would miss having lunch with you and snuggling to read stories and doing your math and having that extra time with you while Lukey is asleep."  She didn't look super convinced, so I added, "And you wouldn't be able to build a nest every day and listen to your books," and she immediately said, "I LOVE half-day kindergarten!"

Isaac enjoying a rare moment of baker's solitude before Luke came crashing in to try to take over (Luke spends a lot of time these days with a whisk and a bowl of water while I cook dinner...).

And this little grumpy Luke found his blanket today just before naps, pulled it entirely over his head, and walked around the house several times before we took pity on him, scooped him up, and carried him off to his bed.  He kept bumping into all sorts of things so maybe we let him walk around for awhile because it was pretty funny (he was so padded up in the blanket that he just bounced off everything).

And this isn't the greatest picture ever, but doesn't he have gorgeous eyes?  I think he will have the same eye color that Juliet has.  So beautiful.


Mary Beth said...

Man, I envy Juliet her nest and her books! And I am so excited to come out and spend time with you and with these funny little people. I don't have dates set in stone yet, but will hopefully have dates and tickets this week!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Adorable children!
Aunt Pam

Elise said...

seriously, that first picture of Isaac is a legit model post. So fierce!

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