Tuesday, March 26, 2013

35 weeks

So on Sunday I took some pictures because I haven't taken any of myself in forever, and then I realized I should probably post them because they're going to be outdated soon since we're now closer to 36 weeks.  Actually, I had Neil take some, but I am terrible at posing so they all looked like I was weirdly swaybacked, like this:

So then I just wound up taking some very professional ones in my bathroom like I usually do.

In a less narcissistic vein, yesterday during lunch (it was a totally crazy day and I felt like I had to do SOMETHING productive and that was the only available time) I made Luke's initial applique pillow, so now I am officially finished with all of the sewing for his big-boy bed (just realized I never posted a photo of his quilt), and we can do that transition...soon.  We took away his pacifier about a week ago and he's been totally fine--he doesn't nap quite as long and he sings himself to sleep, but he hasn't cried one little peep about it.  He's such a cutie (despite the fact that he has decorated the house TWICE with Sharpie in the last few days...bedroom/living room carpet, walls, couch, molding, etc.  We should have hidden all the Sharpies after the first time but apparently it took us two times to wise up).


aLi said...

I am still checking in on you!!! Love your posts! Good luck with the last 4 (or heaven forbid 5 or 6) weeks of your pregnancy. You keep inspiring me!!!

Melanie said...

Love Isaac's face in the last picture- that is true love for a pillow!

Elise said...

Isaac looks so sweet in that last picture! I love that he wanted to be involved so much in the story and Daddy/pillow cuddling that he stood next to him!

Andrea said...

Wow. I can't believe you are getting so close. It's strange to be watching your baby grow from a distance...and even stranger to think that the next time we see you (whenever that is), that you will have a new boy in your family! The Morales stopped here yesterday and it made me think of you guys and of all things-Purdue/Lafayette. Hope your leg is doing ok and that you can sleep. That is important in these coming weeks!

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