Saturday, March 23, 2013

Queen of the grumps

we made salt-dough ornaments for our little springtime tree.  Luke was convinced that they were
sugar cookies and--despite our best efforts to dissuade him--ate about half of one in one bite.
poor kid.

I've been in an impressively bad mood almost all of this week--if I was in a comic strip, I'd have one of those  angry gray rainclouds sitting above my head.  It's a combination of perpetual fatigue (at that stage now where the baby's movements are constantly waking me up all night), a head cold/cough on its second week (I think it may be headed towards sinusitis), the irritation of contractions every 10 minutes or so ALL DAY AND NIGHT, and feeling guilty because I'm so snappish towards my family.  Topped off with the fact that I haven't been able to run since Monday's lovely little hospital interlude, so I'm really hoping that I can start again this next week (as the ER doctor said I might), because I need those endorphins SO much.  I've been walking and doing yoga, but it just isn't the same (although walking is intensifying my contractions, so who knows if I'll even be able to run).

Today poor Neil did his best to hit all my happiness triggers--I knew that things had really been bad this week when he came home from work an hour early (on Saturday, nonetheless!) and suggested that we all go for a walk in the woods (I griped at the kids the whole time to stop sticking their hands in the mud, stop digging up the trail, hurry up/slow down, etc.).  It was not exactly a success.  Then when we came home he turned on John Denver, so I knew that I was really being awful if he was pulling out the big guns (John Denver is my very favorite but I listen to him so much that Neil generally prefers something else when he has a choice).  After dinner my contractions were strong enough that I had to go lie down, and since I was so exhausted I promptly fell asleep and then I woke up just in time to snark at everyone before bedtime.  Sigh.  I really hope I can get some real sleep tonight and that my nap didn't jeopardize it all.  So frustrating when I know I'm being awful but I'm losing my temper at the drop of a hat despite my best intentions.

Grump, grump, grump.  I need to snap out of it so I stop focusing on all the things that are ongoing and seem completely unsustainable but unchangeable.  (I feel pretty much the same way about grad school and pregnancy right now.)  Oh well.  A couple of pictures here...

Isaac made himself this giant nest the other day and I was so jealous.  Doesn't he look totally blissed out?

An afternoon trip to the moon when the "chocolate milk bus" (aka the UPS truck) delivered a giant box with a baby swing inside sent by my parents.
The kids decided they all would be safest wearing these "astronaut hats."  Nice, eh?

This picture is my favorite.

 I took this picture the other day after I made dinner (but before I cleaned up) to ensure that Neil appreciated the clean kitchen that greeted him when he got home.  It's the little things that count, right?

One of the things I wanted to do this year was to knit something other than (larger than) a scarf.  So I made this baby blanket.  It took me about four weeks of knitting while I listened to Juliet read to me or was reading stories to the kids myself.  I originally started with a much more complex pattern, but it was driving me crazy because I kept losing count of my stitches while I was reading aloud.  I've decided that I enjoy knitting much more when it is repetitive and relaxing rather than complicated and requiring lots of counting.

The end.


Mary Beth said...

cool blanket! i wish i could do that -Elise

Melanie said...

Love the real life days, too. And ooh! Why did you not teach me how to knit before this week? Boo! You are awesome!

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