Monday, March 11, 2013

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A couple of weeks ago Juliet had an all-day field trip, so Isaac and I had ourselves a pretty busy time of it while Luke was napping (we painted some walls, cut out Luke's big-boy blanket, and then snuggled down for an hour with a big stack of books.  Luke is an AWESOME napper, btw).  About fifteen minutes before the girls got home from school, I told Isaac I needed to lie down for a few minutes and take a quick nap--apparently he thought it was a great idea because this is how I found him a few minutes later!

Isaac slept right through everyone getting home, doing homework, practicing piano, etc.  He slowly toppled over and I covered him up and then Luke brought in Isaac's bear and very tenderly tucked it in next to him.  So sweet.

Bad lighting in this one, but aren't my all-ready-for-church boys so cute?  (They were checking out our Mormon Tabernacle Choir playlist...I'm not sure why it's so fascinating to stare at a screen that is just playing music, but...apparently it is.)

Juliet and Luke literally did this for half an hour one day--just wandering around the house each taking care of their babies.  Fun little kids.

I'm not sure why I took this picture other than to celebrate the magic that is all four children sitting politely in their seats, eating their lunch, and having a nice conversation together!!  Too bad Neil wasn't home to witness this miracle.

 Last week my mom came down for a few days just to visit.  It was soooo good to see her (and she even got to drive in the biggest snowstorm we've had this winter! Lucky, right?)  I'm so glad that she was able to come because the children had been asking me almost every day after school if we could go visit my parents (it's not exactly an after-school drive) and they were so thrilled to see her.  And it was SO awesome for me to have her here and to get to chat with her, and especially lovely when I forgot the missionaries were coming to dinner and so she ordered a ton of pizzas and made an amazing Greek salad and told me that I was taking the night off from cooking.  :-)
 Juliet made me this sweet-looking mask the other day.  I wore it while I was making dinner and gave Luke the fright of his life.

And speaking of Luke, here is my dear little man all sleepy and ready to be tucked into his crib...

...after, of course, Daddy reads him a story while Lukey snuggles with his "guy" (a post further down the page explains Luke's new obsession with Flynn Rider or Ryder or however you spell that one).

Oh!  And speaking of Luke's crib, this is what Neil found on Saturday morning when we went in to retrieve him for breakfast (I don't know what happened to all of that laundry before they climbed inside the laundry baskets, but I really hope they dumped it out BEFORE getting in the crib...).

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Sweet photos!
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