Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The goodies and the baddies

It's been an interesting week--lots of valleys and mountains in rapid succession. (All of which I took pictures of, and none of which I'm posting because they all got flipped when I tried to upload them and I don't feel like fixing them, so instead...here are some random pictures of my cute kids.)
Early in the week, I was asked if I wanted to be paid to review a textbook.  Um, yes!  High!
The next day, Neil was informed that he'd won the university's most prestigious award for teaching assistants (which we think has a cash award attached). High! High!  We started daydreaming about how we might spend all this extra cash if we didn't have things like, oh, children who require food. 

On Friday our washing machine broke and was kind of expensive to repair.  Low.  But Neil was able to fix it so we only paid for parts, not labor.  High!

On Saturday my mom drove down to watch our sick kids so that we could go to the temple by ourselves.  (Low for her, high high high for us.)  We ate lunch in Greektown.  High!  We miscalculated the parking meter fees and got stuck with a $65 parking ticket.  Low.

On Sunday everyone was too sick to go to church, so we stayed in our pajamas and slept most of the day.  I will let you decide whether you think this is a low or a high.  :-)

On Monday I tore a muscle in my calf while I was running (went to the ER, which my overpriced insurance won't cover) and went into preterm labor (went to Labor & Delivery, which my insurance hopefully will cover.  Nothing like staring around a room all set up to receive a baby and hoping that yours doesn't put in an appearance anytime soon).  I'm on super-restricted activity for at least a week. All of those are very bad lows.  But I had a wonderful wonderful friend who I knew I could call to take care of my children (she not only hung out at my house until 10 pm last night, but she took my boys this morning and is taking them again tomorrow).  Very great high (although when I think about her moving next week I think that's the lowest low of all.)

So...you win some, you lose some.  I'm grateful for the extra unexpected money that put in an appearance just when we needed it, and even more grateful for the amazing friends & family members that bless our lives.


Jolena said...

You really pack things in during the week. You've got to calm down my friend! Hopefully the highs cancel the lows and this next week is a tad less "fun" filled. :) But seriously, congratulations on the award for Neil and textbook for you and I hope your leg heals fast and you can get back to life with four kids instead of pretending it's possible to be on bedrest or some crazy thing like that.

Melanie said...

Great take on a potentially rotten week. And yay for the fun highs! And, yes, boo for the lowest of lows...

Meghan said...

It's always a high when I'm able to visit you. I'm glad your leg is feeling so much better. And I hope you can use your rhetorical skills to adjust the ticket and insurance decisions.

Elise said...

I LOVE that last picture of Isaac.

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