Monday, March 11, 2013

the Owlery

A month or so ago, Neil and I sat down and started figuring out the logistics of welcoming our fifth baby into our home & family.  At the tippy-top of that list was the question of where everyone would sleep!  We are fortunate that we have very large bedrooms, but even so, five kids in two rooms (we keep the baby in with us in a bassinet for a couple of months, but find that everyone sleeps better in their own room & bed after that point) felt a little...adventurous.


One of the other nice things about our house is that we have fairly large closets, including a good-sized walk-in in one of the children's rooms.  We decided to revamp the closet and make it a fun little cubby that could accommodate a bed.  So we did some rearranging and some clearing-out of dress-ups and stuffed animals, and then Isaac and I spent one afternoon painting, and Neil spent an afternoon building a custom platform bed to fit the space (we ordered a giant piece of foam online and then cut it to fit the bed).

We're still not done with the space--I'm planning to sew some giant pillows to cushy it up a bit and maybe another pennant banner (and we'll likely take the door off its hinges since it's not ventilated and I don't want anyone to close the door in the night if someone's asleep in there)--but I must tell you, it is such a hit!  I think we may have to trade off weeks sleeping in the Owlery, as the kids have dubbed it (thanks to the cute little owls everywhere), because EVERYONE is so in love with it.  I'm totally anticipating that all four of them are going to rotate through it once a month.
 It's a rare occasion to walk by and find the Owlery unoccupied.  Jules and Isaac like to cozy up there together with their blankets & a stack of books during quiet time.  Luke likes to hang out with his cars and Juliet's Flynn Ryder doll (which he takes everywhere in the Barbie Corvette and calls his "guy").

And, of course, it's the perfect place for bedtime stories--our whole family can snuggle up in there together.  So, so, so fun.  (And I'll post more pictures when we finish it up in another week or two.)


Jolena said...

This is so fantastic! We also have big closets, though small rooms. What an excellent way to use them. Though right now we're set as we have two bedrooms besides ours and two kids. I imagine when Genevieve is a bit older that she and Spencer would love sharing though.

Anonymous said...

Love the Owlery!!! SO creative and a clever use of space!!! Love,
Aunt Pam

Jen said...

The Owlery! That is precious! Almost makes me wish we had a little cubby to transform like that. It looks like so much fun.

Melanie said...

I love it! The bed looks much more substantial and inviting than I was picturing. Here's to a successful rotation of occupants!

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