Saturday, April 20, 2013

Abigail is 8!!

This morning when I got up I was thinking about how eight years ago I was halfway through a 24-hour labor, and today I was preparing for the baptism of my beautiful oldest daughter.  Time flies.

 My parents and grandparents came for Abigail's baptism (my dad is in the photo with us & my mom is taking the photo--I really should have planned better so that we had a photo with both of my parents & grandparents!).  It was so wonderful to have them here and for them to be a part of the day.

(We tried to take a family photo, but...Isaac started kicking people.  I'm posting them anyway in the interests of verisimilitude.)
 It was a really wonderful morning.  I spoke in the meeting about how my favorite aspect of baptism is the description in Mosiah 18:9-11 where the people are rejoicing in the opportunity to become witnesses of Christ and have his spirit poured out upon them.  (And, of course, I got a bit weepy.)  And I had to stop Abigail for a few minutes after she was dressed in dry clothes and just hold my girl for a moment.
 When we got home we opened birthday presents (she was so patient all day about this!) and had a festive lunch.  (Abigail requested crepes for breakfast and a panini bar & our favorite "heaven in a bowl" salad for lunch.)

After my parents & grandparents left, Neil and I both did some work while the kids had the time of their lives with crafts (oh, the glitter and the paint!  Birthdays are so fun.)  It was such a lovely day and I'm so grateful for the good choices Abigail is making in her life.

above:  my grandmother turned 90 this week!  Isn't she gorgeous?

And last but not least, I'm coming back to update this photo with the traditional birthday banner shot--here is my sweet girl!  So big!  So grown up!


Melanie said...

Congratulations Abigail! What an exciting day. And congratulations Rachael for getting through the day without going into labor!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post for Abigail's special day! I love her pink bike! I had a purple one just like it as a child. So neat that she was able to share her day with her parents & siblings, grandparents & great grandparents! Lucky Abigail!!! Sweet girl! Hugs to all of you!
Aunt Pam & Uncle Kevin

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