Friday, April 12, 2013

abigail is almost 8!

It's Friday night and Neil isn't home and I am lonely and bored.  I should be either running or putting the finishing touches on my lesson for Sunday, but...I had some grading to do and so I'm spending a few extra minutes at the computer before I go hit the treadmill (and yes, I'm working out at 10 PM because it helps to while away the lonely hours.  Grad school is not something I love right now).

Tonight Abigail had some friends over for a playdate/birthday party (her actual birthday is next Saturday, but since we have family in town for her baptism that weekend, I moved her friends celebration up a week).

Is it weird that I was so nervous about this party that I almost threw up beforehand and was totally shaking during the first half-hour?  It's kind of embarrassing to admit this, but this is the first time that my children have had friends over from school rather than church, and I was nervous that the parents (who I've met a few times at school functions but really don't know well) would think I was an idiot and their kids would hate playing at my house or something like that.  Plus all of the parents of her classmates are very educated and quite well-off, and many are a good 10-25 years older than me (yes, really).  Anyway.  I was nervous.  But it seemed to go really well and the girls all had a great time--every single one of them was very distressed when it was time to leave and asked when they could come back, and they all commented multiple times on how much they liked the food, etc., so I felt like nobody was going home bored and hungry!  (We had a pretty simple meal--baby carrots, tons of cut-up apples in lime juice, and a variety of homemade pizzas.  I made a million bite-sized cupcakes this afternoon and frosted them with six different varieties of sprinkles, so they were all in heaven picking and choosing their little bites.)

I made a very simple pinata out of crepe paper and a gift bag yesterday, and filled it with all kinds of non-sugary goodies:  snap bracelets, necklaces, party blowers, rings, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, etc.  It was the perfect pinata because everyone got a turn before it started tearing, and then it exploded beautifully just as the birthday girl gave it one final good whack.  All in all, it was pretty low-key (I invited her friends to a birthday playdate rather than a birthday party), but I think she had a wonderful time.


Mary Beth said...

Wow, what a fun party! Looks like Abigail and her friends are all Glasses Girls, too. ;) Glad everything went well.

And I miss you!

Meghan said...

Great birthday playdate! Maybe some of those friends' moms will become your friends, too.

Elise said...

that pizza looks so good...

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