Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Every day I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief and say, "Well, I got done with X before the baby came!"  (although the 24-hour crazy fevers the boys had on Tuesday meant some rescheduling, so hopefully I'll be able to wrap up that missed day at some point).

Today was no exception--we had Abigail's eagerly-awaited class play this morning!  When I told the boys to get their shoes on, Isaac was SO excited about his sunglasses and wolf puppet as the ultimate accessories, so I walked all around the girls' school with my adorable little fashion-experimenting boy and everyone who saw him gave him the biggest grins.

Abigail's play was all about the environment and how we can be more environmentally conscious.  She played the part of a hotel mini-fridge that was begging to be turned off & turned down in order to save energy.  She told me when they were doing the initial casting that she had requested to be the 'fridge because it was the smallest number of lines that did not also have a solo (she sang in the chorus for most of the songs and sang another song with 2 other kids).  At the time I didn't really think much of it, because that's her personality--she doesn't really like to be up in front of people--but in hindsight I am THRILLED that she requested that part!  She memorized everything on her own--I think I ran her lines with her only once or twice--and after I read the script and realized how enormous some of the parts were, I was really grateful that we were not frantically working on hundreds of lines every night.  (I was also really grateful that her teacher made her costume; it seemed like about half of the costumes were made by parents and I don't know whether her teacher figured I had enough going on already or what, but again, super grateful that I didn't have to make it.)

Anyway, the play was really cute & all the kids remembered every single line!  They are such a fun bunch, and I loved seeing their enthusiasm.

It's been fun around our house lately because Abigail is now SO interested in the green measures that she's always taken for granted--she was walking around one day trying to find something that we could change to be more earth-friendly and it was fun saying, "Yep, we do that...and that...and that one too" (except we don't recycle.  How backwards is it that we cloth diaper but don't recycle?  Hopefully when our neighborhood is annexed by the city this summer that will be easier to do).

 Oh--and another thing that has happened in our family because of this play...whenever we drive by McDonald's all four of the kids shake their fists at the Golden Arches and yell, "Rainforest-killer!"  (first Abigail had to teach Juliet and Isaac what McDonald's was).

Yes, those would be my offspring.

 And here's my little mini-fridge.

After Abigail's play, we walked down to Juliet's classroom & helped out for an hour or so.  Actually, what really happened is that I tried to stay one step ahead of Luke in the copy room, which is not an easy feat.  Every time a teacher came in he would beam up at them angelically and they would say, "Oh, what darling little boys you have!" and then they would leave and he would go back to running around the room and turning off the power to all the copiers in succession.

Today was a piano lesson day...the weather was lovely so we went on a walk while we waited for Abigail to finish her lesson.  And then we came home and the big kids all sat in a row on the couch reading while Luke and I put the finishing touches on dinner (Abigail has started bringing home lots of books from her classroom library for Juliet lately, since Jooj is now reading on a 3rd-grade level.  Last time I checked. EDIT: I was wrong.  5th grade).

 Then--oh, and THEN--we had ourselves a wonderful adventure!

Way back in January, I started thinking about Abigail's birthday and whatnot (I know that seems really obsessive, and yes, it kind of is, but keep in mind that all my kids have birthdays right in a row and that I'm having a baby sometime in the middle of the 22-day break between Abigail and Luke's birthdays.  That's what happens when you know your kids have a genetic predisposition to lung weakness and you deliberately try to avoid having a baby during RSV/flu season).

Anyway, the one thing that Abigail really wanted for her birthday was to ride a horse.  So I asked around and found a member of our ward who was willing to make Abigail's dream come true.  We had to reschedule a few times because of rain, but today was the day!

First Abigail learned how to brush all the rainy-day mud off of the horse...
 ...and then how to saddle up (I don't know why I didn't take a picture of that part), and then after a few instructions, she was up in the saddle and being led around the ring.

It didn't take long until she was guiding the horse herself.  She was THRILLED.  Very confident, not a bit scared, and quick to pick up on all of the cues and tips that were given her.  She rode for quite awhile and was doing figure 8's and other fun things.  I was really impressed with her control of the horse, and our friend said she was a natural and really doing well.
 (Please forgive the awful quality of these photos; I realized tonight that I REALLY need to read the manual for my camera so I know how to adjust to these kind of photo-taking conditions.)
 So the original plan was that only Abigail would be riding.  However, when I mentioned tonight that Abigail needed to eat dinner quickly so that we could make it to the arena on time, you would not BELIEVE how fast Juliet & Isaac started eating (and it was a dinner that neither of them like one bit).  Both of them were practically choking by the end and I think Isaac jammed three bites' worth into his mouth as he ran for the car.  And of course, little Luke stood by the door with his shoes and coat and said, "Thoos!  Thoos!" (shoes).

So we all went.  And Juliet cried for a loooong time while Abigail was riding because she was worried that she would not be able to ride, since we emphasized that we were there to see Abigail and we had not included our entire family in the original arrangement.

Fortunately for Juliet, our friend was kind enough to let her take a turn (he did ask her if she was 8 and old enough to ride a horse, and she responded that she was five, and he said, hmm, five...and she immediately shot back, "Well, really I'm five and a half!")
 Super super happy Juliet.

 Isaac was not quite as sure about riding the horse--he initially said he didn't want to, and agreed only after we told him that someone else would lead the horse and he didn't have to "drive."  (Sidenote:  Abigail called the horse by her real name, Juliet named her "Chocolate," and Isaac just referred to her as "No. No.")
 After Isaac's ride, the girls gave the horse some well-deserved hay, and then we meandered outside to visit the other horses.
 Isaac was MUCH more enthusiastic about this part--he loved pulling up grass and handing it to the horses.
 He was so enthusiastic, in fact, that our friend asked if the kids wanted to feed the horses some carrots.  Yes! Of course!  So back he came with a carrot for each kid--Juliet, Abigail, and Isaac fed theirs to the horses.  Luke promptly started eating his carrot.

It was such a fun evening--Abigail said that it was even better than in her most wonderful dreams.  So grateful to our friend who helped her wish come true!!


Jolena said...

What an awesome birthday for Abigail! She's going to remember it for years. Good on you for doing that in the midst of the insanity that is your life right now.

Meghan said...

What a wonderful experience! And how kind of your friend to let them have it. Aren't people wonderful?

Andrea said...

My perfect day involves a horse ride too--I can relate to Abigail's enthusiasm! It's so great you were able to make it happen for her birthday. Tell her happy birthday from us and that we miss her! (And all of you.)

Jen said...

How fun! Happy birthday to Miss Abigail (who looks SO grown up, I can't even stand it)!

Melanie said...

Ahhh- the mini fridge! She was telling me about her play a few weeks back (seems like an eternity now...) and now it all makes sense! So cute.

And a horse ride! How awesome! What a great birthday wish come true.

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