Sunday, May 12, 2013

Luke turns 2


My darling Lukey is two years old today.  Can I just tell you something?  Luke is the most delightful kid.  He is stubborn, enchanting, willful, sweet, cuddly, and constantly on the go.  I love, love, love this kid.  He is so fun to watch (and he is surprisingly gentle with Nathan, although he is fascinated to the extreme by Nathan's eyes...probably because my labor was so violent that a whole bunch of blood vessels burst in Nathan's eyes so they're still very red).

I love to look at Luke and imagine what he's going to be like in another ten or fifteen years.  Big, for one thing--he has a very solid build and I imagine he's going to inherit my dad's broad football shoulders (which I also have! That made shopping for prom & wedding dresses kind of interesting).  He's got great physical coordination and trust me, you don't want to make him mad, because he has no compunctions about nailing you right in the head with a ball, beanbag, or toy hammer (as Isaac discovered when he tried to take Luke's birthday hammer away).

Luke is a very willing/adventurous eater--this past week, for instance, he ate grilled asparagus, gulab jamuns, roasted broccoli, and garlic hummus until we finally ran out of each.  (And he asks for more by say, "Moh, honey?" to me so of course I can't resist and fork some of the asparagus from my plate to his.)

 Luke loves his fringed blankie and pacifier and can't sleep without either.  He's also developed a deep affection for a stuffed rabbit that was formerly Abigail's until she kindly turned over ownership to him (he immediately took his new bunny on a nice swim in the bathroom, so we christened it Toilet after it re-emerged from the washing machine).

And like most toddlers, Luke has one speed setting--weddy, set, GO!!!  I tried to take a picture of him in his new birthday outfit (thanks, Great-G'ma and Great-Papa!) and he ran around like crazy the whole time.

Happy birthday, sweet Lukey!  We're so happy you're part of our family.

P.S. On Luke's birthday, I remembered to snap the traditional photo with the birthday banner that I'd forgotten to take of Abigail on her actual birthday, so that post is updated here.  And yes, if you're wondering, we DID plan to have all of our kids born right in a row.  :-)

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Anonymous said...

He is so adorable!!!!!!
Aunt Pam

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