Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I usually try to take a photo with all of my children on Mother's Day; since I'm the only adult around here today to snap photos I'm posting this one Isaac took of Nathan and I right after church.

Earlier this week, Neil came home and told me that he had some bad news:  he was going to
have to work CRAZY hours the rest of this week to prepare for an event associated with the class for which he is a TA.  Including, most unfortunately, the entire weekend.  We're used to Daddy-gone-on-Saturdays around here, but since my mom was leaving on Friday I was quite nervous about not only doing Saturday all on my own, but Sunday.  And, of course, it was Mother's Day.  And Luke's birthday.  But there really was no choice (something his boss made extremely clear when Neil tried to find out if someone else could step in for him--someone, perhaps, whose wife had not just given birth to their fifth child).


Saturday went pretty smoothly, all things considered--we even spent an hour out at the library.  But Sunday was the one I was really worried about, since we usually leave for church by 8:40 AM and I was a bit panicky about getting everyone up, dressed, and fed by myself (since I still have no clue when Nathan will want to nurse and for how long!)  I even had stress dreams about it all night long.

It turns out it was the most perfect Mother's Day possible to encapsulate the joy that comes with being a mother.  When the children got up, we reiterated the fact that Daddy was gone and Mommy absolutely needed everyone's help, and that it would be impossible without everyone pitching in together.

The children ate breakfast without complaining while I read the Book of Mormon out loud.

They cleared their dishes.
They got dressed, made their beds, and brushed their teeth & hair.  Juliet and Abigail helped the boys button up their shirts, put on their ties, and tie their shoes.  They happily sang Primary songs all the way to church.  We arrived ten minutes early (which was good because my contact was going crazy by that point and I ended up having to stash it in my diaper wipes case for the entire morning).

Juliet carried the diaper bag while Abigail held Luke's hand.

They sat quietly through sacrament meeting (total lifesaver:  some wonderful friends sat with us so that I could leave to nurse Nathan through most of the meeting & then helped me get everyone to their Primary classes).

When church was over, I picked everyone up from their classes a few minutes early so that I wouldn't lose them in the post-meeting hubbub.  Abigail helped Luke retie his shoes.  They all obediently trooped out to the car (again, my friend carried Nathan which was a huge help!)

I nursed Nathan while the girls helped the boys change out of their Sunday clothes and then all four of them worked together to unload the dishwasher.  Juliet helped me start lunch while Abigail burped Nathan.  Juliet set the table and poured everyone milk while Abigail held a screaming-very-loudly Nathan.  After lunch, I finally got to see the gifts they've been making in school and hinting about for the last few weeks (photos in this post are of the accompanying cards).  Such a delight.

It was not the Mother's Day that I would envision in a Hallmark-esque sort of way, but it was so meaningful in helping me see the kind of people I am blessed to mother.


Meghan said...

That is a really meaningful, wonderful Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! You are such a dear mother to your precious children.
Aunt Pam

Laura said...

Oh, this is wonderful. I'm sorry that Neil wasn't able to spend the day with you, but it sounds like it was a great day anyway. What wonderful kids.

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