Friday, May 03, 2013

One week old

My goodness!  It's already been a week!  Comparing these two pictures (the top is from a few minutes ago and the one under this text is when he was 3 days old) I can definitely see some changes--his skin is much more even and he's starting to fill out a bit.  (When we went to the doctor a few days ago he had already bounced back up to an ounce short of his birth weight.)

So this baby is an awesome sleeper so far--hopefully I'm not jinxing anything, but he does a great job at night of waking up, eating, and going right back to sleep.  He's also pretty reliable at giving us at least one 3-4 hour stretch, sometimes 2, so I actually feel pretty rested (the naps I'm taking every afternoon, thanks to my mom being here to field the older kids, are definitely helping!)


Of course, he's also really good at being loud when he wants to be loud...

A few random "regular life" pictures--Isaac became obsessed with making a pumpkin pie, for some reason, so yesterday he mixed one up (and hearing Luke say "punkin die" is about the CUTEST thing ever.  Oh, I love that kid!)

Can't get enough of the tiny baby bunch snuggling...I love when they are just this tiny little bundle of baby with their feet tucked up.

I am really enjoying my three boys.  They are all so fun in their different ways (the girls are delightful too!)

I snapped these pictures of the boys just before I went to run today.  Very characteristic of all three of them.  And look!  Nathan's eyes are even open!


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Anonymous said...

Adorable photos!!!!!!! I was craving pumpkin pie this week so it was cute to see Isaac mixing one up!!! Hugs to all of you!!!
Aunt Pam

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