Tuesday, May 21, 2013

photos I took today

Look at those little cheekies!  The Tot is growing quite nicely these days.

Today the boys and I went to Juliet's kindergarten graduation (right smack in the middle of naptime).

Juliet has the same teacher that Abigail did (whom I absolutely adore).  In light of the tragedies in Oklahoma, the two of us were soberly reminiscing today about Abigail's graduation and its disruption by a tornado.  I love where we live, but it's terrifying whenever those sirens go off.

 Fortunately we didn't have any unscheduled excitement and we were able to enjoy the program the kiddos had put together.

And...then we ate cookies (can you tell how excited Isaac was?  Sidenote: I didn't feel like making cookies this morning because I was so exhausted, and so I just made muffins so that the boys could eat them for lunch too, and then Jooj was looking at the table of treats and she said, "Are you the one that made those muffins so there would be some healthy food?"  In all fairness, however, they were crazy good because they were packed with orange zest and fresh strawberries, and I was kind of hoping that nobody would eat them so I could take them home and eat them all.  But no luck).

So apparently we know what Juliet will look like when she finishes grad school.  She looks way too old in this photo!

But pleasantly kindergarten-y in this one.

 And happily curling up to read as soon as we got home...

 Luke was playing with the markers tonight and drawing all over the world, as is his wont (he stooped down to draw on Nathan, looked up at me, and thought better of it).  He finally stopped drawing on everything when I offered to draw a little mustache on him, and he giggled and held very still the whole time (he looks sad in this photo because he was asking me to come outside with him and I was still finishing up the dinner dishes). 

Eventually we made it outside and he perked up again.

And look!  I'm in front of the camera for once!
 So tonight Isaac fell asleep with his nose in a book.  Literally.  Love that kid (and the way he totes this book around everywhere).

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Anonymous said...

Great post and photos!
Aunt Pam

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