Tuesday, May 21, 2013

some Abigail update bits

Yesterday I took a few photos of my biggie and my littley.  I asked Abigail to hold Nathan while I ran in to start the first of dinner prep, and she was so sweet about it and happily held him for quite awhile--when I came back in to pick him up again, she told me to leave him with her because he was so sweet and cuddly.  Warmed my heart.

(She's reading D'Auliare's Greek Myths, if you're curious, which I highly recommend--all my kids love it.)

Abigail had a piano recital last Saturday--she's now been taking lessons for one year, and she's just about done with the Level 1 books (she finished the Primer level last fall).  She is really coming along as a musician; I always remind her to practice, but then she ALWAYS practices.  I know for a fact that she hasn't missed a day since she started lessons with her new teacher in January, and I think she only missed one or two days with her previous teacher.  It's neat to see her developing persistence and dedication along with her music.  And she's at the point now where she's really starting to play some fun stuff--yesterday she was humming Bach's Minuet in G and wandered over to the piano and started picking it out, and she was SO EXCITED--so I grabbed the real sheet music for it and she sat down and started playing it.  Good times and so fun to see her blossoming!

This post would be longer, but Luke is trying to help me to type, so...we're done.


Anonymous said...

Abigail is so cute and sweet! Congratulations to her on her growing talent as a pianist! I loved playing the piano when I was her age. Hugs to a sweet girl and her cuddly baby brother. Hugs to you too!
Aunt Pam

Melanie said...

Yay for the blossoming pianist! What a beautiful piano, and so fun that she gets to play it! I'm glad to hear she's doing so great.

And how nice are siblings that are old enough to actually help out on occasion?

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