Sunday, May 12, 2013

some catching up

First of all, thank you all so much for your kind comments & emails on my post about Nathan's birth.  It was hard to endure, hard to process, and hard to recover, and all of the kind thoughts and wishes sent my way truly helped.

Secondly, aren't these little kidlets cute?

 One of the things we are most thrilled about this summer is that Neil's summer job magically worked out to be one where--for the VERY FIRST TIME IN GRAD SCHOOL--he is allowed to take paid time off without being grilled for it.  I cannot even tell you how amazing and wonderful this is.  My little sister got engaged the week that Nathan was born, and as we were wishing that we would all be able to travel there for her wedding, Neil was told that he could take some time off AND we found out that he won a substantial cash award for his teaching prowess AND we realized that the wedding was back-to-back with his family reunion, so we are feeling very blessed by the way the timing worked out for all of this.
 And we are practicing our best marshmallow-roasting skills for the camping we'll be doing en route and while we're there.  Who wants to queue up for one of Luke's marshmallow masterpieces?

One night when my mom was here, I convinced Neil to stay home from work after the kids went to bed & we went out for a 4-mile run over the hills and trails through the beautiful spring-time scented woods.  We ran through the dusk and watched the sunset while we listened to the frogs croak in the bog.  It was wonderful.  After we got home I thought I would take some pictures of my postpartum squishiness to remind myself how things REALLY are if we have another baby and I have the same body issues afterwards, except Neil kept popping up over the shower curtain and making me laugh.  I surely do love that man.

And speaking of loving my husband, on Thursday my mom convinced me that I should take a shower before Neil got home (this took some convincing, because I have been thoroughly enjoying just slouching around in my pajama pants and showering in the evening after I exercise).  I felt a little abashed about how I was apparently looking really grungy when my husband got home every night, so I even put on makeup and real pants instead of yoga pants.  Good thing I did, because Neil walked through the door and told me that he'd made reservations at two really fun restaurants downtown, and as soon as I picked the one I wanted to eat at, we'd be off.  So we had a lovely evening together (we saw a movie afterwards--and went grocery shopping, because we're cool like that!) and he made me laugh, as always, with his antics.  (that's a whole baby squid, and no, it was not delicious.)

And this part is going to be really fast--serves you right, Jooj!--but last week Isaac and I took Nathan and went to Juliet's class Mother's Day celebration.  They sang lots of songs and gave us some lovely presents and then the kids gorged themselves on cookies.  And now I have to end because Juliet is going to die if I don't core her an apple rightthisminute.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and pictures!!!! Hugs to all of you!!!
Aunt Pam

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