Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three weeks and everyone else

The Tot is three weeks old!  (Someone please tell me that I'm not the only one who spends months--nay, years!!--agonizing over the perfect name for each child and then immediately upon birth begins calling them by some inane nickname forever after, like Baghdad, Joojiefruit, Chizek, Luke-oo-Luke--oo-oo (there's a little descant for that, and our entire family sings it when we're calling for Luke, which is probably why he thinks his name is Oot), and Nater-tot/Totlet/The Tot.)

Anyway, isn't he developing some delicious little chins?  (And bubbling as he snoozes happily in his carseat.)  Nathan is by far the most alert baby I've ever had--probably because our house is a constant beehive of activity--but it's not unusual for him to be awake for a solid 2 hours.  Sometimes he's awake for 2 hours, takes a little nap while he nurses, and then is awake for another 2 hours.  But he's pretty reliably giving us one good 4-5 hour stretch at night, so...I'm not complaining.

Today Jules & Isaac & I were making this very complicated bread during naptime (it didn't turn out because I made a rookie mistake that I'm blaming on postpartum dementia & I killed the yeast and knew immediately afterwards that I'd killed it, but the recipe was so complex that I went ahead anyway).  And Nathan was fussing and so I asked Jules to go give him his pacifier, which he hates, but then he always settles down once he finally stops gagging on it and starts sucking happily--anyway, she came back in and said, "It took a long time but he finally took his paci and now he's asleep."  So I went in a few minutes later to check on him, and this is what I found:

He'd totally flipped it around and was sucking happily on the bottom edge.  Nice!
So, because this is a post about everyone else too (sorry, Nathan), here is the world's cutest little sleeping bag model:

 We're planning a big trip later this summer and we decided that it was finally time to upgrade our sleeping bags (we only have 3 and we've been either borrowing bags from my parents or just camping when it's warm enough to not need sleeping bags for everyone).  We are SO EXCITED to go camping in the mountains this summer, among other delicious vacationy things like weddings and family reunions--in part, we are going to be redoing this particular bit from a vacation almost five years ago where Neil & I both fell in love with the general gorgeousness.  I seriously can't wait to see both of our extended families and have time with our own little family all in one trip!

So speaking of being excited about things, Abigail was horribly afraid of all the creepy-crawlies that infested our house one night during monsoon-like rain this spring (seriously, it was the most insane storm, and all of these little roly-poly bugs started coming in from the west side of our house--enough that we were vacuuming them up multiple times during the wee hours of the morning).  Anyway, thanks to an etymology unit at school, she now refers to them as isopods and collects them for her terrarium.  (And slugs.)  Guess who took the photo (and half a dozen more).

 Actually, Abigail took a whole bunch of photos while we were all out working in the garden together tonight.
 Some of us were working harder than others. (Classic Isaac quote from today: "Foccacia is good, but Halloween is betterest.  Because candy.")

Nathan was totally not pulling his weight--just daydreaming under the maple tree.

So I was not really looking forward to all the work we needed to do in the garden today--I've been having a hard enough time keeping up with all the inside stuff. But once we got out there it was so great.  The girls and I were working in the lettuce box weeding, thinning, and harvesting, and singing an obnoxious lettuce song as loud as we could ("Plant a salad, in your garden, watch your salad GROW GROW GROW") and it was so nice to be working together as a family.  At one point Jules said she didn't want to weed and she wanted to swing, and Abigail asked her if she wanted to eat the fruits of her labors or not, and Juliet promptly responded, "Oh yes!  I want to have food for the winter!" and I are awesome.  And we are teaching them good things.

It's days like these when I look around and think that I could have ten children.  Okay, maybe eight.  Or six.  (And then while I'm looking around dreamily as I sit nursing Nathan and thinking how wonderful they all are, somebody dumps a cup of purple grape juice on Neil and he suddenly does not share my opinion.  True story tonight, post-baths.)

Seriously though, in all of the adjustment to the fifth little baby in our home, I'm just so glad that we have our children.  There have been a LOT of moments in the last three weeks (oh, who am I kidding?!  The last eight years!) where I think "WAS I INSANE?!  Who thought that having kids was a good idea in the first place?!" but I am really grateful for these little people and the things I am teaching them and the things they are teaching me.  And the general joy that I feel when we are all together as a family (especially when we're outside.  Being inside usually means we're creating messes, but when we're outside, I always feel like we are creating memories).

And we're all thankful for salad.

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