Sunday, June 02, 2013

Photo dump

So my camera cord was trapped in a jammed drawer but Magic Husband is home and so now I have a camera cord again! Anyway, here's a bunch of photos from the last little while.  Like that shot above?  That's a gift Luke gave me last week that he created while I washed the breakfast dishes.  When I started cleaning it up, he came in with a fresh strawberry muffin he nicked from the counter and started carefully crumbling it over the top of the toy jumble.

And on the last day of school, Isaac magically took a nap--hurray!!--and fell asleep listening to my iPod which I had plugged in to charge. So cute.

And here's Luke.

And Tot Tot.

The children's room at my parents' library is AWESOME.  We spent a morning there last week playing with all the good toys and having ourselves a lovely time.  (They also have these really awesome themed "Discovery Kits" on random topics that you can check out--the kids and I checked out an Egypt kit in preparation for our visit to a mummy the next day.  Very cool.  We learned how to write everyone's name in hieroglyphics and for art day this week we're going to make cartouches with our names and bake them in the oven.

More library...
 And more library--Juliet is SO my child.  All of the dishes were jumbled together and she sorted them all onto shelves so it would be "nice and tidy."

One thing we were bummed about is that the library didn't have any storytimes during May.  But then as we were finishing up our walk that evening, one of my parents' friends walked up behind us calling, "Caps! Caps for sale! Fifty cents a cap!" He was dressed as the peddler from the book and proceeded to act out the story for my children--they even got to participate as the monkeys!  So fun and so kind & thoughtful of him (we'd stopped to talk with him on our walk and he'd thought that the kids might enjoy the story).

 One of Luke's new talents.  He is SO good at finding my makeup and I keep forgetting to change its hiding place.

 One day we went to the local (awesome) history museum in my parents' town.  The kids fell in love with the Africa exhibit and we spent quite awhile there bartering fish for pineapple and whatnot.  They created this very elaborate story about living in a fishing boat and coming ashore to cook their dinner and trade for necessities.  Pretty cute.

There was also this really cool old-fashioned soda shop that the kids fell in love with, and they happily would have stayed there all day if the ordering of plastic ice cream and felt hamburgers had not made me so crazy hungry that I insisted we leave and go hit my favorite local restaurant, where Luke proceeded to eat hummus with a spoon and that's why that kid is AWESOME.
And the Tot loved the museum too...

 My three little boys. Do you like how Luke is almost as big as Isaac?  Have I mentioned that people frequently ask if they're twins?

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