Monday, July 22, 2013

Isaac turns four!

I can hardly believe this little guy is four already (as of last Sunday...I'm a little late on posting). I can't even tell you what a joy he is in my life.  He was a delightful baby and he's grown into a delightful boy.

Some fun things about Isaac at four years old:  he is really particular about his clothes.  His two favorite shirts are 1) his "Easter shirt," as he calls it, which is a dotted-Swiss buttondown, and he likes to pair it with blue dress pants or shorts.  And he likes to roll up the sleeves and put his hands in his pockets which is SO CUTE.  And then there's 2) his "Spiderman clothes," which is so funny to me because he has no idea who Spiderman is--he just thinks it's a funny name.  Anyway, he wears a black Spiderman shirt with black shorts and Spiderman underwear (a very specific pair that have the mask on the back, so his little backside has two giant Spiderman eyes staring at you).

And he's been wearing his bike helmet every chance he gets--a birthday present that he was way more excited about than I'd anticipated!

For his birthday food, Isaac had some pretty specific requests.  For breakfast he had chocolate milk (which we NEVER buy so he was super excited!) and his favorite pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins.  I don't remember what we had for lunch, but for dinner we had an awesome crepe bar with all kinds of sweet and savory fillings (broccoli, ham, lots of fancy cheeses, powdered sugar, raspberry jam, whipped cream, peaches, and raspberries) and I think Isaac probably put away 10 crepes.  And he also requested my grandma's Jell-O salad (the only kind of Jell-O thing I make, since it has tapioca and fruit and walnuts and is way good, and really solid and not much like Jell-O at all).  And a lemon meringue pie for dessert.

 One thing that's fun about Isaac is that he LOVES puzzles and constructing things and building things.  Neil's parents sent him a puzzle that he did probably 6 times in a row when it first arrived (while wearing his bike helmet).  My parents also sent him puzzle-type gifts (like the Perplexus ball in the picture) and we got him a set of MagnaTiles which he has played with for six or seven hours every day since his birthday.  Usually when Isaac very first gets up in the morning he heads straight for his puzzle box (he probably has about 30 now) and does five or six puzzles before he eats breakfast--and we're talking some pretty complex puzzles that take me a good 15-20 minutes to do.

And a few more tidbits about four-year-old Isaac...he still really loves to cook with me and always zooms in as soon as he hears the KitchenAid (he's gotten really good at recognizing pretty much any baked good I make once I'm a couple of ingredients in).  He also loves to do crafts or art projects, and has infinite patience and awesome scissor skills (he was kind of wavering as to whether he wanted to do preschool this year, and once I mentioned the daily art projects, he was adamant that he wanted to go!).  He is also super good at just quietly sitting on someone's lap--when we were in Utah he didn't want to go to Sunbeams in an unfamiliar ward, so he spent all of the second and third hours of church just sitting on my brother-in-law's lap and being mouse-quiet.

One of my VERY favorite things about Isaac is that he has this funny little raspy voice (which we're actually going to the ENT to check out, since his tonsils are enlarged, and I'll be kind of sad if he ends up with a procedure that changes his voice) and he tells these crazy-long stories.  And if you interrupt him he'll go back to the beginning and start all over again!  And he's just as insistent about people listening to him as he was when he was a toddler--he doesn't take your face in his hands anymore, but boy, will he follow you around with increasingly loud volume until you acknowledge him! (In fact, "acknowledge" is a word that's frequently yelled in our house to remind people that they need to say, "Yes, Isaac," before Isaac drives everyone else crazy with his repeated stories directed at someone who's intent on something else...).  He still gnaws on his blanket with great ferocity when he's falling asleep, he loves loves loves to snuggle up and read stories, he loves yogurt more than any other food (although he did ask me for plain kidney beans as a snack last week), and he still has gigantic brown eyes with the longest lashes I've ever seen on anyone.

Tonight as we were getting the kids ready for bed Isaac told me that he was hungry, and asked if he could make himself some toast.  I watched as he popped some bread in the toaster, removed it carefully with tongs, covered it lavishly with raspberry jam and looked at it with great satisfaction.  As he started making Luke a piece as well I thought how quickly my little boy is growing up, and how glad I am that I have the chance to be his mother.


Mary Beth said...

This was so sweet, and it made me miss little Isaac so much. I love that little guy!

Elise Gray said...

I'm excited for him to carefully pull my hair away from my ear so that he can tell me all of his secrets this week!

Anonymous said...

Isaac is so adorable!!!!!
Aunt Pam

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