Sunday, July 07, 2013

Nathan @ 2 months

My sweet Nathan was two months old on June 26th.  This post is waaay overdue, and I figured I better get it up before he's three months old!

Nathan is truly an angelic little baby.  He has been a good sleeper since he was born, and he continues to be the most darling, even-tempered little guy.  He rarely cries and is full of smiles and coos.  Honestly, he is one of the sweetest babies I've ever seen.
Unfortunately, poor Nathan has really awful acid reflux.  His weight dropped to the 60th percentile at his two-month visit to 11 lbs 14 oz (smaller than Lukey at 4 weeks, although he did grow another inch to 23 inches, and exacerbated by the fact that he was throwing up in the pediatrician's office right before they weighed him).  The poor little guy will projectile vomit with no warning while he's eating, while he's smiling happily in your arms, when he's upright in your arms looking around...he is on medication and at first it seemed to be helping quite a bit but it's gotten worse in the last few days.  But sweet little soul that he is, he throws up all over himself and then smiles happily up at you while you clean him up.  Hopefully we'll be able to get this under control--somehow--and he will start gaining a bit of weight (he doesn't seem to mind too much, but boy, is it stressful for me. A bit terrifying, actually, and very difficult to feel like I'm helping him to grow and develop properly).

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Anonymous said...

He is adorable and very handsome! Sorry to hear about his acid reflux...hopefully it will settle down as he matures a little more. Glad you made it home safely.
Aunt Pam

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