Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things I should blog about

  • Nathan is 3 months old
  • I turned 30
  • vacationing in Michigan
  • holding a 12-foot snake and thereby really impressing my kids
  • going to the science museum with the children
  • family waterballoon fight
  • throwing a Harry Potter party with my sister Elise
  • making freezer paper stencil shirts with the girls
  • lots of house projects, like...
    • building a pergola and draping it in bubble lights
    • painting my (fabric) furniture
    • sewing throw pillows like mad (I think I made 12?)
    • repainting most of my little knick-knacky things
    • painting a giant canvas with the kids 
    • painting my kitchen cabinets (started that process tonight)
but it just seems like it would take a lot of effort to download all those photos and write it all up and I'm so busy with living and doing blog-worthy things that I don't have the energy to blog about them.  Maybe someday soon.  Does anyone read this thing anymore now that Google Reader is dead?

Also all of my energy is going into redoing like my entire house.  Seriously.  We're overhauling it all and it is kind of crazy because I have FIVE kids and my husband is finishing grad school.  I think we might be crazy.


Elise Gray said...

I'M reading it. I've probably checked about 5 or 6 times today looking for a post on our Harry Potter party. Never fear, I shall always read your blog as long as it exists!

Kayli said...

I still read it too! Can't wait to hear about any and all these things. (Stupid google reader. Now I use feedly, but I've cut back quite a lot on blogs I read. That may also be because a lot of people have stopped blogging.)

Kathleen said...

I read your blog! Maybe creepy? Maybe I should stay in the creepy shadows? Haha... I don't even know if you remember me! Your little family is just too cute! I am still not sure what Google Reader was, but I have a blog list on the side bar of my blog that keeps me up to date on everything. I thought maybe that was going to stop working... but it still works!

Crapos said...

I still read your blog. I just put you in my new reader. And I never find time to blog anymore because I'm too busy living life so don't feel bad.

Jen said...

Speaking as someone who wants to devote all her energy to redoing her entire house (or at least the parts that aren't yet done...which is still most of it) I say yes. A little bit crazy. But also awesome. Go you.

Also, good luck with the cabinets because that is my least favorite painting project to date.

Rachael said...

Kathleen--of course I remember you!! And it's good to hear that there are still people reading my blog. Now I just need to add the blogs I used to read to feedly, but that also seems like a lot of work...

Anonymous said...

I read you and always enjoy your insightful and honest comments. I am merely a lurker, and the only time I ever wrote was when...a few yrs were contemplating dropping your blog.

Jolena said...

I read it! And I want to see pictures of all the house things you've done. :)

Taryn said...

Go you! That is quite the list of accomplishments!

I have to tell you that my new RSS feed does a little run-on sentence blurb at the beginning of each post, and the one from this post really had me impressed:

"Nathan is 3 months old I turned 30 vacationing in Michigan holding a 12-foot snake and thereby really impressing my kids going to the science museum..."

I was like, "Wow, that is a pretty extraordinary 30th Birthday event that’ll go down in history!" …then I read the actual post, and had to laugh :). Happy 30th! It sounds like you've hit it running! Good for you, and ENJOY!

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