Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All the photos that didn't fit anywhere else...

One thing I really like about my kids is that they're pretty self-sufficient.  We've organized our kitchen so that it's possible for them to get their own plates, cups, bowls, utensils, etc.  We keep a Brita dispenser in the 'fridge so they can get their own water, and there's always tons of fruit out so they can get their own snacks.  Lately the boys are really into making themselves toast.  Luke can't quite do the whole process yet, but he stands there and watches it and then yells for Isaac when the toast comes up (we have a fun toaster where you can watch the whole process).  Then Isaac comes in, carefully extracts the toast with tongs, and proceeds to slather the toast with whatever topping Luke asks for, and puts it on the plate that Luke has ready and waiting.  Awesome.

One of my favorite games to play with my kids is "let's do Mommy's hair."  They always get really excited to play with my hair and I get a nice relaxing head rub (am I the only one that totally loves having someone do my hair?  Best feeling ever).  Jules has wised up to which side of the equation she should be on.

Neil usually gives the kids horseback rides to bed--a few weeks ago Luke saw Nathan all ready for bed and asked, "Nafnin wide me to bed?"  Too cute.

Finally tried out freezer paper stenciling--so fun!  The girls were absolutely thrilled to make these.

And my three boys.  Love love love these littles.

Can't remember if I blogged about this or not, but a month ago we got Isaac a set of MagnaTiles, and I have to say that it is hands-down the best toy we've ever bought (I should probably call it an investment, because they're pricey, but totally worth it given how much my kids play with them).  These things are out first thing in the morning and the last thing we pick up at night--the kids play with them

Abigail and I had some fun after we wrapped up a game of Bananagrams the other day...

Luke waiting patiently for everyone else to arrive at the dinner table...

...and the craziness that ensues when they do.  Boy do I love these folks.

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Elise Gray said...

i love the name tiles! you should do something like that and frame it--or take a picture of it. pretty cool. but don't frame that's too fun! also, tell Abigail that I was in a bookstore with some friends and I saw the Warriors series and I grabbed it and yelled, "My niece LOVES these books!" and then I bragged about how good Abigail and Juliet are at reading and how far they are in Harry Potter.

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