Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to school

Another summer has zoomed by!  Today Abigail started 3rd grade and Jules started 1st grade.  Juliet has been pretty nervous--she is definitely a homebody and we were so happy to be able to do half-day kindergarten last year (she was one of 3 out of 300 in our school who did that option, but it was definitely perfect for her).  She has been filled with trepidation about being gone all day, but Abigail has been so kind and considerate about trying to help Juliet feel more confident.  (Jules's world was rocked when we discovered last week that her teacher, who we ADORED with Abigail,  had abrubtly left the school and she had a brand-new first-year teacher instead.  Oh my!)  She had a bit of a rough day today and while the two of us were curled up on her bed together she told me she just wanted to stay forever at home with "you my kind Mommy" and never ever ever leave me again.  I was torn between heartache for her and joy that I was her place of solace.  Sweet Abigail assured her that the first day is always full of rules and lists, but tomorrow will be better.

But first things first--before school began, we went to the open house and then, as always, hit up our favorite specialty ice cream store for some serious deliciousness.

(I know it's not a very good picture but I'm trying to be more of a presence on my blog...)

Juliet's shirt didn't survive the night, but it was kind of worth it because I convinced her to get the best flavor ever instead of something lame like cotton candy.

The night before school started, we celebrated with a back-to-school feast.  I asked Abigail to be in charge of the table decorations and she decided that crayons plus some zinnias from our backyard would be a fun and festive decoration (I love her creative flair!).

She also wanted to use these cute goblets so she made a little berry mix to go in them and set them by each plate.

And the award for best photobomb of the night goes to Juliet!!  She is so talented in that area.  :-)

During dinner we introduced our family theme for the year, "Kindness Begins With Me."  We talked a lot about what it means to be kind and then identified acts of kindness that we had performed for someone else that day and that someone had performed for us.  We love doing our gratitude chain in November and I hope this will be a great way to extend that out into the rest of the year--we've added what Isaac calls "kindies" to our nightly dinner-table discussion of goodies and baddies from our day.

And after dinner Neil gave the four oldest children each a father's blessing.  This is something that my own father always did before we started a new school year and I always found it so comforting to hear counsel from the Lord specifically for me.  It was a wonderful experience for us all and a great way to start off the new school year!

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Elise Gray said...

so cool! i love the feast--also, it looks like you guys are eating avocados and white grape juice. haha. i love Abigail's decorating and how sweet she is with Juliet. Tell Juliet that I'm a brand new first year teacher too, but I'm pretty cool. People like me. I teach fun lessons. And her teacher must be pretty stressed out to be hired so last minute!

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