Monday, August 05, 2013

everything from the last couple of weeks, part I

Here’s the thing—I am so behind in blogging that I will never catch up if I give everything the attention it deserves.  So I’m just going to dump a lot of photos and forget about witty little captions for each one, because I am so tired and I promised myself I would do SOME blogging tonight before I went to bed, but all I want to do is sleep.  Anyway, these are the photos from my camera from the last couple of weeks, and sometime this week I’m promising myself that I’ll upload all the photos from my iPad as well, which tend to be the ones where we’re better-groomed (I hope).

These photos cover painting our papas an chairs gray (which the kids thought was SO COOL!!), hating the gray and changing it to blue, going to our local science museum (and its tornado wind-simulator), checking out a snake show at the library (you better believe I raised my hand when they asked for two adult volunteers to help with the biggest python), the day of beautiful weather where I declared we were going to celebrate my birthday a bit early with a hike through my favorite woods, a picnic dinner, a quick stop by the blueberry farm, and ice cream cones at the playground (that was an awesome evening), swimming in the freezing lake in Michigan on my 30th birthday (check out the gorgeous and incredibly delicious cake made by my mom and sister Elise), a single photo from our family water balloon fight (didn’t really lend itself to photo-taking but it was awesome, especially because the kids and I ambushed Neil when he got home from work), photos from hanging around the house, and painting my kitchen cabinets.  Only one more coat to go on the cabinet fronts, and then we can hang them! 

Mostly, this summer has swung back and forth from go go go crazy fun activities! All day long! to oh my goodness I am so tired from yesterday that I’m going to wear my yoga pants all day and we’re not leaving the house, so let’s just live in our swimsuits and read lots of books and make cookies.  And I’m expending all of the creative energy that’s been pent up inside of me for who knows how long—I’ve done more projects this summer than I’ve done in the last two or three years.  It’s so nice to feel like me again.  I’m so grateful that the antidepressants have been so effective and so…amazing.  Just amazing.  And I am so so so grateful for my children, who are total stinkers sometimes, but are reliably well-behaved to the point where I'm fine taking them to museums, restaurants, libraries, etc. by myself.  They're a great little bunch and I'm lucky to be their mother.  Abigail in particular has really stepped up this summer and is awesome with Nathan--it's going to be hard to send her off to school next week!  


Anonymous said...

Great photos! So glad you are all doing well.
Aunt Pam

Elise Gray said...

i love the picture of Luke in the fireman's boots and helmet. Also, wouldn't you like some of that birthday cake right now? I would. Some cake and bananagrams, that would suit me very nicely.

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