Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Juliet turns 6

A week ago today, my Jules turned 6!  Crazy how the time flies, and it's been so fun to watch this little fireball of personality develop!  Juliet is a study in contrasts--I remember when she was about 4 everyone told me,"Oh, she's going to be such a handful!" and I thought...actually, she is by far my easiest!  Juliet definitely has a strong and willful personality, but she is also incredibly compassionate and concerned for others.  The other day Abigail was asking me about something downtown, and I told her it was at the hospital where she had an MRI when Jules pushed her off a chair, and Abigail said, oh, okay, now I know where it is, and Juliet was completely horror-stricken and said, "I did WHAT?" Abigail explained that Juliet was only a year old, and I told Jules that she didn't need to feel responsible for it because she was too young to know what she was doing, and Juliet said, "Oh, Abigail, I am so sorry that baby me did that to you!  I would not have done it if I'd known what I was doing!"  Juliet is also a total snuggler and very much a creature of routine--she likes to spend every afternoon in a giant nest of all the couch pillows, ensconced with an apple or two and a giant stack of books.  (She will often eat 3-4 apples every day.) She still has the funny way-beyond-her-age vocabulary (the other day Isaac was looking for a toy and she said, "Oh Isaac, don't fret! I will help you!").  She is very tender-hearted and will often cry when she sees someone else in distress.

As Juliet approached six, I could tell that she was starting to get more of an independent streak (Abigail refers to it as the "six-year-old-stinker phase" and tells me, "Mom, you survived it when I was six, and Juliet will come out the other side too!") but she is still so ready to be a sweetheart when you give her the chance.  She just needs patience and quality all children do.

On Juliet's birthday, we of course began the day by opening presents (pictured above:  she had been telling me for MONTHS that she wanted a Luke Skywalker costume and a horse that she could ride on, so I made both for her--Luke was instantly enchanted with the horse and told her it was his, which didn't go over well).  We ate the delicious coffee cake (Neil makes such yummy food!) that Jules had requested, and then we waved Daddy off to work and the kids & I hit the zoo, the train, and the playground by way of our favorite donut shop.  Bliss.

I remember the kids did something really fun in the afternoon but I have no memory of what it was because I was frantically trying to time the cake all afternoon, since it had various components.  It didn't end up being the most beautifully presented cake ever, but it was SOOO good...Jules had requested mint chocolate brownies in a cake shape, not a brownie pan.

(And because Neil and I have different opinions on photographs vs. video of candle-blowing, this is the only photo I have.)
 One of the gifts Jules received for her birthday was an awesome hand-sewing book filled with projects, plus a beginner sewing kit.  Big, big, big hit.  The kids sewed pretty much nonstop until school started...

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Elise Gray said...

looks like a great birthday! Juliet is such a cutie--I love how she speaks too! And her cute little pixie-ness is adorable!

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