Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nathan @ 3 months

So one advantage to being really behind in blogging is that I have lots of pictures of 3-month-old Nathan that I haven't posted yet!  (give or take a few weeks).  And since he'll be 4 months old in 12 days, I better put these up now.

So. He's growing!  I still stress out because he isn't the chunker that his older siblings were at this age (Juliet here, Isaac here, Luke here, and Abigail (sort of) here).

But he's not that worried about it.  He's like, whatever, Mom, it's all cool.

 I do have to say that his medication is helping SO much and that while he still spits up occasionally, it's not the horrendous repeated projectile vomiting that necessitates a bath for everyone in a 5-foot radius.  Which is amazing and wonderful and I am SO grateful for modern medicine!!!

And he is learning to do all the things that babies his age should do--reach for toys, try to roll around, etc.  He hasn't quite managed to roll over but he's pretty close (I've noticed that the cloth diapers tend to slow milestones down a bit since they're more bulky).

And, as ever, he is the most DARLING baby imaginable.  We are all so in love with him!  Abigail is especially tender and sweet with him and spends a lot of time hanging out with him while I'm frantically trying to take care of other needs (read: Luke).
 The one thing I've been really bad about is his sleeping schedule.  When he was born, I was so desperate to get enough sleep (and let's be honest, in an awful depressive fog) that I didn't even try to be regular about his sleep patterns like I've done with my other children.  He still sleeps either in his magical swing of wonder and amazement or in his vibrating bassinet (but I'm trying to transition him more towards the bassinet in preparation for going to a crib, because he's outgrowing the swing/bassinet combo).  If only he would take a pacifier...I think it would be way easier.  The paci in this picture is deceptive.  Very deceptive.

Just like Luke, he's a wiggle machine and so full of energy!  And he is probably my loudest and most talkative baby ever.  Tons of coos and very very loud "conversation" (to the point where sometimes I have to take him out in church because he's laughing so loudly that nobody around me can hear!).  He is a total doll and so good-natured.  He's also still very alert and interested in everything going on around him--he doesn't fall asleep in the carseat or in my arms or playing on the floor like my other babies did--he just watches what's going on and coos away!

I love love love love my little Tot Tot so much!  So thankful for the joy and delight that he brings into my life.

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Elise Gray said...

i also love that your kids all habitually call him Tot Tot. and he is the sweetest smelling little kid. and I made sure that his loud calls made it into Paxton's video :)

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