Monday, August 26, 2013

Nathan is four months old

My darling baby is four months old today! I was originally planning to do this post after his checkup on Wednesday so that I could include his growth stats, but...given my track record lately with getting posts up (hello, feast or famine) I thought I better go ahead now and just update it later.

So.  "Naf-nin," as Luke likes to call him, is an absolute doll.  I know all of my babies have been delightful and enchanting, but this one is really something special.  He's so even-tempered, incredibly mellow, sleeps so well, and is really flexible and easy-going with all of the craziness around here that results from being the 5th baby.  He doesn't really fall asleep in his carseat much if we're out and about, so I've realized I need to be protective of his naps, but he is really great about being cheerful when he's been awake for a long time.  He's always very interested in everything around him.

Nathan is king of the darling baby giggles and coos, although we're hearing less from him lately because hallelujah!!!!  he finally started taking a pacifier last week.  I bought a larger size (I had some 0-2 month ones and I hadn't gone up yet because he was so adamant about refusing them) and he totally took it and was super happy about it.  I think his reflux is starting to improve and so he's less prone to gag, plus he's started to spend a lot more time gnawing on his hands (if you couldn't tell!), his toys, his blankets, my face, Abigail's hair, etc.  Much more okay with having things in his mouth without throwing up all over the world.

 Which means that he is also consenting to nap in his bassinet with his pacifier an hour after nursing rather than having to be nursed to sleep and then sleeping in his swing!  My world is looking so much brighter these days.  :-)

Nathan is one of those babies where you think that this absolutely cannot be your last baby because babies are so magical and wonderful and you want to have babies forever.  He is so sweet and cuddly and cute and he smells so good.  I love seeing his happy little face smiling at me and watching him rapturously kick out his chubby little feet!
 And last but not least, his eyes are starting to change color.  What will they be?!  So far we've got two hazels and two browns, so it's up to him to break the tie!

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Meghan said...

He really was blessed in the cute department. Such a fun little boy.

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