Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Potter Party

The last day that we were in Michigan, my sister Elise had the genius idea to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday a day early and throw a Hogwarts party for the kids.  Juliet is in the middle of reading Order of the Phoenix right now, Abigail finished Deathly Hallows earlier in the summer, and the boys have both listened to the first three books…needless to say, Harry Potter is very popular around here and they play it just about every day (Jules is Harry, Isaac is Ron, and Abigail is Hermione).  And Elise is wearing our "Sorting Hat" late that night.

Anyway, after a few hours running all around town to get supplies and then cooking up a storm at home, Elise and I had a bunch of balloons decorated with owl faces to deliver the Hogwarts letters (we artfully tore the edges and then baked them in the oven to make them look more like parchment).  We also printed off signs for Diagon Alley, Madame Malkin’s robe shop, and Ollivander’s.  And I cut a bunch of “bricks” out to put on the glass door at the front of the house (behind them on the real door was the Diagon Alley sign…so that you open the bricks and then you’re in Diagon Alley.  Cool, right?)  We also made a Sorting Hat and individual caps for each kid, plus printed out badges for each house to stick on their hat once they were Sorted.

For food, we made butterbeer (in these cool little goblets we found at the party store), pumpkin pasties, Licorice Wands, Jelly Slugs (gummy worms), Cockroach Cluster (melted chocolate mixed with lo mein noodles…really good, actually!), and Chocolate Frogs (sort of…we couldn’t find any molds so I freehanded them).  

When we were done with the prep, my mom took the kids on a walk while Elise and I frantically got everything ready.  When they returned from their walk they found their owl balloons tethered to a tree…


Mom pulled out a wand and tapped the bricks on the door to open the gateway into Diagon Alley, and the kids came on into the house (we had the Harry Potter movie music playing).

  First, they went to Madame Malkin’s where Mom (using an awesome accent!) fitted them for their hats.  


Then they went to Ollivander’s and Elise had this GREAT Trelawney-based character and accent as she helped them select wands and told them the properties of each.  

And then they went to Hogwarts, where I helped them be Sorted (no pictures because we just took a really long video)…and then we had the feast.
 I don’t have a ton of photos because I mostly took videos, but it was so so so fun and Isaac has told me repeatedly it was his favorite thing all summer.  Kudos to Mom & Elise for making this happen!  (and thanks to Paxton for accompanying us when we went shopping and not telling us straight-out that we were crazy.) :-)

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Elise Gray said...

YAY! thanks for posting about it! it was a pretty cool party :) miss you!

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