Friday, September 20, 2013

Arrr! It be talk like a pirate day!

One of my favorite things to do as a mother is to try to create moments of sheer silliness and fun (the day that we ambushed Neil--on his way home from work--with a giant stash of water balloons comes to mind).  So since today was Talk Like a Pirate Day, I decided we should celebrate.

First of all, I told the kids that they needed to be dressed as a pirate to eat dinner that night.  Juliet got SO into it and dressed Luke up as well (those are boots around his ankles, not pants).  Isaac wanted to be a dragon because he doesn't like pirates, apparently.

Then Juliet helped me to stretch butcher paper out over the table.

And then I poured dinner (a mix of roasted broccoli, carrots, and apples + cheese ravioli (which was gross and I was really mad that the store was out of the tortellini that I like) and grated Parmesan) onto the table.  Normally I would have mixed in some pesto and feta but I didn't want to create a horrible mess.

The kids all asked for plates and forks and I said, "Arrr!  Pirates don't be using forks and plates!  Eat up, me hearties, or you'll walk the plank!"

And that's pretty much how dinner went.  I'd also made a place card for each place with a "pirate name" (like Sharkbait Joe, Cap'n Scurvy Steve, Peg Leg Bill, etc.) and we referred to everyone by their pirate name for the meal.  And, of course, we didn't acknowledge anyone's conversational gambits unless they first said, "Arrrr!"  

Isaac thought it was hilarious and laughed any time someone said something.  And Luke sat there alternately eating and saying "Arrrrrrr!" as ferociously as he could.  And pretty much it was awesome.  Messy, but totally awesome.


Meghan said...

Darn it! Why didn't I do this last night? David wasn't home, but I could have poured out my dinner and said arrrr to myself all night.

Anonymous said...

Fun times! Lucky pirates and the cutest dinosaur!!!
Aunt Pam

Malinda Crow said...

I invited Mel and Levi to the table in "pirate talk" and Levi replied with "Arrrrrr! I'm a pirate!" Sooooo cute!

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