Tuesday, September 24, 2013


So guess what--we finally (finally!! we've been talking about it for the last 18 months) got a kitten!  He is an absolute doll, we named him Hermes (yes, after the Greek god because my children are going through a total mythology obsession right now--which in all honesty has been a lifelong obsession for me anyway), and yes these are the exact same photos I put up on Facebook.  And yes, there are probably another 50 pictures on my iPad of him being really adorable with the kids, but I ran 11 miles last night and I just finished running 5 miles tonight and I need to sleep more than I need to upload new pictures.

Hermes is about 3 months old, but he came to us box-trained (our local animal shelter has a great program where they foster out animals to get them ready for adoption) and he has been soooo amazing.  Not a single accident and he's very quiet at night (Neil did forget to shut our bedroom door last night and woke up 3 or 4 times with a purring cat curled up on his face). He only meows as he's on his way to his litterbox or very very quietly--and just once--if he wants you to pick him up.  Basically, he purrs NONSTOP.  I had cats as a child, but I only remember them purring when we sat down and petted them for a long time--Hermes seems to have a nonstop purr motor operating as he's sleeping/walking around/being enthusiastically petted by Luke.

Right now Hermes is still pretty small and guess what? He LOVES to ride around on shoulders.  Like totally loves it.  Like right now he's sitting on my shoulder wrapped around my neck and purring while I type.  It's very comforting, actually.

Essentially, he is a super sweet cat and we are all in love with him (so far).  Abigail had a really stressful soccer game tonight and came home crying--I was sitting on the couch talking with her and as we were wrapping up our conversation I asked her if she wanted to read (no), if she wanted a snack (no), if she wanted to go play outside (no)...and then I said, "Do you want me to go find Hermes and you can just pet him?" and she said, "Yes!" and sat there petting him and rubbing his ears until her tears stopped.  I think it will be so good for us in so many ways to have this sweet little cat in our lives--it has been really nice for me to have company when Neil is working nights.  I never really thought I'd be the kind of person to fall in love with a pet--come on, I have five kids!  I have so many people to love!!--but I'm definitely developing a Hermes-sized spot in my heart.


Anonymous said...

So adorable and wonderful name!!!!!

Elise Gray said...

i love how content he is in Luke's lap. That's a very patient baby cat!

Emily Anne said...

Oh, friend...I really hope life gives us the chance to meet in real life one day. I always love stopping in here to catch up on your musings and adventures. Love the kitten, love all the darling pictures of your busy kids, love your honesty.

And about Henry's hair - he styles it all himself. I think the only product he uses is Suave gel for men :) But I'm not really sure. Ha!

And yes -- I feel that same anxiety when I'm in a particularly sweet moment with my kids...like, how is this time going by so quickly?! I can't possibly be relishing it enough. It's frantic. Like I have nostalgia for this time while I'm still in it.

Move to Oregon after grad school?? ;)

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