Wednesday, September 04, 2013


6:32 AM: wake up and feed Nathan.  Fall back asleep while I'm feeding him--finished my 9-mile run at 10 PM last night and was so cold by the time I got home that I jumped in the shower rather than using my foam roller.  Mistake--aching joints kept me awake most of the night.

8:12 AM: Neil wakes me up and tells me I need to take the girls to school.

8:13: Rocket out of bed in panic.  Throw on a T-shirt, yoga pants & contacts and start frantically brushing the girls' hair, clearing breakfast dishes (bless his heart, Neil fed everyone already), checking lunchboxes for ice packs, etc. Realize that my late start means that we didn't have family scripture study or vitamins.

8:17: Start a load of laundry.

8:32: Snap a quick photo of Isaac (first day of preschool) and post it to Facebook.

8:34: Family prayer. Load up girls & youngest two boys in the van and head to school.  Neil takes Isaac to preschool.

8:55: Back home with the boys.  Start working on breakfast dishes.  Carry on long conversation with Luke--I only understand about half.

9:02: Clean up my room--there are Nathan blankets everywhere and an embarrassingly large collection of pint jars (my preferred drinking vessel).

9:17: Switch laundry to dryer.  Dump clothes in dryer onto couch, where they join the 4 loads of laundry I didn't get a chance to fold yesterday.  Luke helps--sort of.  Start another load in the washer.

9:19: Make a to-do list for the day on my whiteboard--laundry is at the top.

9:22: Feed Nathan.  Luke is miraculously quiet with a book about trains.

9:48: Decide I should probably eat some sort of breakfast.  Drink a quart of water and look around for food. I have a hard time with eggs since I was pregnant with Isaac, so I wash the eggy dishes from breakfast and then roll up a leftover blueberry whole-wheat pancake from yesterday and eat it as I walk around picking things up.  Luke decides it's a great idea, so he picks the blueberries out of another pancake, then wipes his purpled hands on my freshly-painted kitchen cabinets.

9:53: Vacuum.

10:00: Sit down with Luke and a giant pile of books.  Blessed respite.

10:40: Sandwich in some quick grading & responses to student emails with Luke on my lap--thank heavens I did most of the grading last night.  Luke climbs off my lap and takes his diaper off so he can run around naked.

11:00: Get dressed (do running clothes count?) and sort of smooth my hair--time to go get Isaac from preschool.  Wake up Nathan and put him in his carseat.  Drive to preschool while Luke tells me an involved story about how he wants to go swimming at the beach, which at least explains the swimming trunks I found on his floor this morning.

11:30: Arrive home with all three boys.  Nathan wants to nurse & Isaac wants to tell me every last detail from his morning.  Nathan is gloriously poopy from his shoulders to his ankles, which I discover when I take him out of his carseat. I end up standing up over Isaac's train tracks, nursing Nathan, while Isaac tells me about his day.  More laundry.

12:00: Lunch for the boys--Annie's mac & cheese (which I justify buying because it's organic and somehow doesn't feel like regular mac & cheese) & strawberries.  They refuse to eat anything else.  Isaac kindly gives Luke his last strawberry when Luke is upset about the end of the strawberries. Eat four strawberries myself and refuse to feel guilty.  Rather than eating more, I start prepping dinner.  Strike a deal with Luke that if he drinks his milk, I'll give him his paci (oh yes I did).

12:30: Put Nathan down for a nap and start cleaning up from lunch.  My little sister calls and I enjoy chatting with her for exactly twelve minutes before Luke is demanding a nap.

12:42: Read Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to Luke & Isaac while the 3 of us snuggle on Luke's bed.  Sing Luke his songs, kiss his head, and exit.

12:50: Make myself a quick PBJ.  I'm so ravenous and all I can think is protein & carbs.  More water.

12:55: Start folding laundry.  Fold laundry for what feels like forever while I talk to Isaac.

1:23: Halfway through the laundry, Nathan wakes up.  I feed him while the oven beeps frantically at me & I hope that dinner doesn't burn, because there's no way I'm interrupting Nathan when he actually wants to eat.

1:45: Finished feeding Nathan; time to read Isaac some stories.  Try to do a bit of knitting while I'm reading, but Nathan keeps grabbing the yarn and stuffing it in his mouth.

2:15:  Start some baguette dough for dinner with Nathan in one arm.  Fold more laundry while I'm waiting for the dough to knead.

2:25: Put Nathan down for a nap.

2:34: Start running on the treadmill.  My legs are killing from yesterday, but I feel much better as the run goes on.  I'm only doing 3 miles today since I'm still recovering from the 9 miles 16 hours ago.

sometime in there: Luke wakes up and comes in screaming.  I'm desperate to finish my run without Luke waking Nathan up, so eventually I hand him my iPad (a first!) and he scrolls through photos while I finish my run.

3:09: I don't have time to shower before I pick the girls up from school, so I fold some more laundry.  Do more dinner prep.

3:48: Arrive back home with the girls.  Nathan wants to eat and so does everyone else.  Pop Nathan in his swing with his pacifier while I frantically get raisins & peanuts out for the bigger set.  Abigail tells me a story about school that breaks my heart, although she's not upset about it at all.  I respond in the optimistic tone that she's using.

3:52: Nathan fell asleep again.  Hallelujah!  Start the kids on homework, punch the baguette dough down and run for the shower.

3:58: Abigail and Luke have a peanut fight while I'm in the shower.  Not sure how this happened since it seemed like Luke was standing outside the shower howling the entire time.

4:02: I find the peanut fight.

4:04: Start cleaning up peanut fight.

4:08: Encourage Abigail to keep going on her math homework.

4:09: See above.

4:13: Ditto.

4:15: And...ditto again.

4:17: Abigail's finished with her math; I start quizzing her & Juliet on their spelling words (tests are tomorrow!) while I shell out roasted garlic for dinner.  Both girls know everything perfectly and I say a silent prayer of gratitude.

4:25: I start Abigail on the online portion of her math homework.

4:26: Realize I need to roll out the baguettes.

4:28: And pick tomatoes for dinner.

4:29: And basil.

4:30: Nathan wakes up and wants to nurse.  Abigail wants to talk to me about her book club book.

4:45: Somehow it seems like a really good idea to make & freeze some pesto right now.  I put the baguettes in the oven and start on the pesto. Dinner is mostly made so I figure it's okay to spend a few minutes on something else.

5:10: Neil comes home early (piano tonight so everything's moved up) and I realize that dinner is, um, not quite ready.  The pesto, on the other hand, is done!

5:20: Dinner's on the table (heaven-in-a-bowl salad, roasted garlic soup, French baguettes, and creamy Brie).  Juliet leaves the table crying a total of four times. I wonder yet again if I should homeschool her; she won't talk to me about her days at school and I never get good quality time with her these days.

5:40: I start another batch of pesto (in all fairness, this batch was sun-dried tomato pesto and I had to get the tomatoes going before they softened too much, since they were soaking in hot water).

5:55: Nathan gets loaded up in his carseat again, I brush Abigail's hair again, and the three of us head out for her piano lesson.

6:15: Piano lesson is not good.  Abigail knows all her music, but she's obviously bored (story of her educational life--that child is so bright that she's usually a step or two ahead of any instruction, and hasn't learned the manners to match).  I'm embarrassed and apologize profusely to the teacher.  Abigail tells me on the way home that she wants a different teacher and I agree that this is not working.  I feel defeated as we leave because I just don't know how to parent her effectively--how do I encourage without domineering, and when do I push or back off?

7:00: I drop Abigail off at the church for Activity Days and race home to feed a grumpy Nathan. Neil greets me at the door and tell me that Luke used the potty for the first time!  Hurray!

7:25: Nathan is asleep in his bassinet.  I start working on dinner dishes (Neil would normally have them done, but the Luke episode sidelined everything else) and then pack the kids' lunches for tomorrow (baguettes, oil & balsamic vinegar, strawberries, and mixed veggies).

8:00: Pick Abigail up from Activity Days.

8:15: Come home and finish the dinner dishes.  Put away laundry. Chivvy kids towards pajamas while Neil reads a bedtime story. Check backpacks for tomorrow.  Family prayer--the kids are, surprisingly, quite reverent.

8:37: Kids are f.i.n.a.l.l.y. in bed (please note that their bedtime is 8 PM) and I start running the vacuum over the house for the second time today.  It needs to be done.  The kitchen floor needs to be swept again as well.  Neil leaves for the lab again.

8:38: Kids start coming out of bed.

8:40: I give everyone another round of kisses and take away Isaac's light.

8:47: I fill up both (?!) of Luke's waterbottles and move him from the rocking chair to his bed.

8:51: I warn my children that the only monster they should be worried about is the one named Mommy who is really done with the day.

things I still need to do tonight: almost everything on my to-do list for the day, plus more grading, mop the kitchen, clean bathrooms, maybe do some painting.  Likelihood of getting all of those done: 0%.


Dani said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that has days (most days actually) like this. You're doing an amazing job my friend. Amazing!

Adrienne said...

yep. i'm glad i'm not the only one with days like this. it took me 2 days to paint one wall in the kids' room. one wall totalling about 2 hours maybe.

i'm impressed by your lunches.

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