Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I hate feeling behind on my blog

So here are some things I should blog about with pictures but I probably won't but maybe some other day:

1) Neil and I celebrated our 11th-year-anniversary-of-proposal-acceptance (as opposed to the day he actually proposed, because those weren't the same day) last week.  We had lunch with the boys at a playground in the rain.  It was actually really sweet and Neil noted that it was fitting since he proposed to me at a playground (not his plan.  Our engagement is an interesting story because neither of us can tell it without the other one jumping in to correct the other person.  It also involves him kneeling down and me yelling at him to get up and refusing to hold his hand because I was so mad at him.  Great beginning, right?!).  Anyway...it was lovely to spend lunch with him and reminiscence while we watched the boys chase carnivorous squirrels (I once saw the squirrels at that park eating a chicken leg and I've been slightly freaked out by them ever since). I took some really good pictures but I don't feel like uploading them right now.

2) I ran another half-marathon.  It was the first one I'd run without Neil and the first one I've run so soon after having a baby (my first one I ran when Isaac was 9 months old, the second when I was pregnant with Luke, and the third when I was pregnant with Nathan).  It was also my fastest so far--I'm not setting any records but it was cool to beat my previous PR.

3) I am secretly trying to ensure that the kitten loves me more than anyone else (it makes a nice change from Luke & Isaac's commentary on my mothering prowess).  When everyone else goes to bed Hermes comes out from wherever he's hidden himself from Luke's pre-bedtime frenzy and starts purring like crazy and winds himself all over the place begging to be petted.  Right now he's sitting in front of the computer screen batting at the keyboard.  Lately he's taken to sneaking into our room when I'm asleep and curling up next to me on my pillow.  I never thought I would be someone who would sleep with a kitten, but apparently I'm starved for affection from someone who is small and dependent on me for their survival (seriously, I really loathe the stage where toddlers learn to say "I hate you").  Anyway.

4) It's cold enough that tonight we officially started up fireplace nights again.  I LOVE FIREPLACE NIGHT.   It's so Norman Rockwell-esque. We all snuggled up in our pajamas in front of the fire and I read three chapters of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe to the kiddos.  Fireplace night makes me feel (for a few brief minutes) that I'm managing to be my own idealized vision of a stay-at-home mother...reading aloud with my children gathered around me (sometimes I even knit).  It's awesome.

5) I need to end this post so I can go run.  Ho-hum, I need something new to train for.  The race was on Saturday; I took Sunday off as always, and then yesterday I ran 3 miles to shake out the crazy soreness in my legs and blah, so boring because I didn't have any goal in mind other than just getting rid of the pain.

6) I'm trying to reconquer my life with things like planning lots of make-ahead meals (because invariably I am swamped with craziness when it's time to make dinner), somehow making Nathan nurse again, getting some creative time in (I'm working on a project that I'm really excited about!) and working more conscientiously to keep all my visual lines clear.  I'm so much calmer when there is nothing on my kitchen counters.  A little petty, right? But true.  Next up:  somehow dragging myself out of bed BEFORE the kids get up and actually being there for breakfast instead of falling asleep nursing Nathan while Neil wrangles the crazy show.

7) Today instead of going home after school we went to get delicious donuts and then hung out at the library for an hour.  We usually hit the library at least once a week but the donuts were a fun surprise and you know what?  I have a deep-seated need to create awesome memories for my kids, but sometimes I worry that they all seem to involve food (kids! let's bake cookies! kids! let's roast s'mores! kids! let's pack up a picnic and go on a hike!)  Is it just because children eat constantly?

8) I finished editing the thesis I was working on, which means in theory I should start painting trim or cleaning my carpets.  Right?  But I went to the library today...

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