Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nathan is six months old!

Holy mackerel!  I can hardly believe my little Tot Tot is six months old.  And Older Nathan, please forgive me for the fact that I have been so lousy at taking pictures lately.  Please rest assured that your cuteness is beyond all description and I spend so much time kissing your little cheeks that I'm far too busy to photograph your darlingness (also, I lost my camera for a couple of months and I had to hide my iPad from Isaac).

And since I'm coming back to update this post, you weigh 17 lbs.

Anyway, even though he's not smiling in this picture at the top of the post, you can still see what a beautiful little boy he is.  What you can't see is what an incredibly happy boy he is--I think he just might be the happiest of all my babies.  I can make him giggle so easily and he even laughs his way through diaper changes.  He still throws up quite a bit from reflux but he always cheerfully giggles and grins as I'm wiping him clean (oh, that reminds me, I DO have a picture of the time he threw up in his own ear, but I'll spare you that.  I was so impressed by his talent!).

So Nathan started on solids about, um, maybe six weeks ago?  And he super loves them to the point that he was really fighting me on nursing during the day, so I had to go solids-free for a few days last week to get him hungry enough to nurse again.  In all likelihood he would be doing much better on nursing if I was as rigid with his schedule as I was with earlier children, but poor little Tot is at the mercy of our busy days (although I do try to keep things as regular as possible for him).  He still wakes up 2-3 times at night to nurse these days.

So here he is having his first taste of oatmeal a looong time ago.  (Please excuse the fact that I was about to head out for a run and Neil has awesome hat hair, and I have no idea what's going on with my hair but we'll just ignore it...looks like a French braid that got attacked by a small child's hands.)

 Natie-Tot, we love you so much!!!

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