Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nathan @ 7 months

My darling little Nater-tot is 7 months old today!  Hip hip hurray!

Things seem so much better this month in Nathan-land.  He’s once more happy to nurse, he’s (usually) sleeping through the night (we still do have the occasional howl-filled evening, but generally only if he has a cold or something like that), and he delights in feeding himself!  Bananas are a real favorite, although generally they just slide right out of his little fist, but that doesn’t deter his enthusiasm in the slightest. He also really loves refried beans and mashed sweet potatoes with ginger.  And pumpkin pie just about blew his mind.  That was one happy baby!

  Nathan can now sit without support, so he’s really been enjoying playing with his toys in an upright position! Whenever he’s on his back he will almost instantly roll over to his stomach, but he still hasn’t figured out how to roll back the other way—so he howls until somebody comes and fixes things for him. He seems less motivated to move around since there is so much to look at and so many people to bring him things--honestly, I am very content to have my fifth baby hanging out rather than cruising around like mad!  He spends a lot of time "surfing" on his belly--he doesn't move his arms and legs against the floor so he can push off, but he lifts all of his limbs and moves them like crazy.  I think he must have the most amazing abs. (And all that kicking practice pays off at bathtime, because he can completely SOAK any and all bystanders...yesterday Luke was helping Neil to bathe Nathan and then Luke came crying to me and said, "Nafie kick dee water so fast and now I am sooooo wet!")

He’s still a pretty slender little guy—I can never keep socks on him because he just doesn’t have those chunky fat rolls on his ankles! But he does have little rolls and he eats happily and well, so apparently this is just how Nathan does it.

Yesterday Isaac and I were talking and he told me that he didn’t want me to ever have any more babies, because Nathan is the cutest and sweetest baby in the entire world and Isaac wants Nater-tot to always be his baby and not get big.  Pretty much that sums up Nathan in a nutshell—little darling ball of heaven.

Luke at seven months Isaac at seven months Juliet around seven months (one of my all-time favorite posts)

Abigail, I love you, but there was no blog when you were a baby

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