Thursday, November 07, 2013

time for a picture dump again!

Abigail made this label and stuck it on a bottle filled with peanut M&Ms for Neil.  Totally stole the idea from my friend, but it was awesome.

Done with project grading and I figured I’d knock out another to-do list item: blogging!  But first of all, I feel like my blog has been sort of lack-luster in content for the past…while.  I have lots of ideas for posts but I’m curious as to what people would be interested in reading.  Stuff about my kids? Recipes or food somethings? Holiday books we love that I think you might love too? Books or toys my kids love that I would recommend? (Can you tell I’ve thinking about Christmas?) Something else?

Anyway…some photos.  Confession: it’s been so long since I uploaded the photos from my camera (I’ve mostly been using my iPad) that I couldn’t remember what the cord looked like.  Sheesh.

So if my kids ever complain about their childhoods when they're adults, I'm just going to show them these three pictures and say, "WHATEVER.  It was awesome!" (And then they'll be like, "Yeah, Mom, we remember exactly how much of that candy you really let us eat...")

So one day we went on a hike & packed along a picnic lunch.  Isaac really didn't want to go (it was a couple of weeks after he had his tonsils out and he was still super grumpy but ohmygosh I felt like I would die if I was inside the house all day for one more day).  Anyway, he took all of his clothes off in protest, so we loaded him up totally naked into the car and went on our way.  He did eventually put his clothes on midway through the picnic and we went on our walk.  This probably says quite a bit about my approach to parenting Isaac--I've learned that I never ever win if I make it a power struggle, and I tend to just sit back and let him work it out on his own.

Somewhere on our walk...

A month or so ago Neil and I met up for lunch at a playground (I think maybe I blogged about this already?) to "celebrate" our engagement.  It was so nice to be with him.  He had ordered a couple of pizzas (there are some extremely passionate feelings about pizza toppings in our family and never the twain shall meet) and we just hung out and enjoyed the rare treat of seeing each other during the day.

I promise that Luke really WAS having fun.

And it was my darling Tot-Tot's first venture on a swing!

This is my view whenever the kitten hears dishes clinking--he comes racing in and starts mewing for someone to give him his canned wet food.  It's kind of the cutest thing ever.

Someday I will get a decent picture of myself running, but this was not the day!  I'm the one in the white jacket looking like a moron.  I had so many layers on, and I was trying to wave to Luke, and the combination of layers and waving didn't go well.

I looked even more attractive post-race.  DO you like that pink sweatshirt?  I've had it since seventh grade and it is a total wreck and I will never throw it away because it's the most comfortable piece of clothing I own.

Here's a real-life confession for you:  I had some pink frosting already made up and so when the kids wanted to frost sugar cookies for their Primary teachers I just mixed food coloring into the pink frosting.  Because I'm awesome like that.  Bats are sort of greenish-blue, right?

And I still think these are the best toys ever.

And Tot-tot is awake, so I'm done for the night.


Melanie said...

All of the above! I'll pretend we're reconvening for our Enrich and Renew nights. :) You always inspire me.

Mary Beth said...

Isaac stripping down because he is so mad might not have been amusing in practice, but it is hilarious from my vantage-point.

I like hearing about whatever you've got going on in your life, whether that's crafts or kitten or recipes or kids. (Actually, what about blogging about your freezer-paper method of making tee-shirts? I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in that; I still don't quite get how it works...)

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