Sunday, December 15, 2013

Isaac's preschool program

 Here is my dapper little man all ready to go to his preschool program on Thursday night. Isn't he darling?

And mischievous?

So Isaac has had an interesting time of it in preschool this year.  He totally loved it right up until he had his tonsils & adenoids removed, and then it took about 6 weeks before the world was a happy place for Isaac again. When he went back to preschool two weeks after surgery, he was still pretty grumpy and angry at the world, but I was at the point where we HAD to start getting back into some sort of regular routine, so we just toughed it out (his teachers were so patient with him, although I did get a few phone calls saying things like, "Isaac has rolled himself up in the area rug and won't come out...we just want you to know!").  Anyway, he is back to enjoying it again and his teachers often tell me how incredibly talented he is at art, which is something we've seen with him for quite some time--he LOVES to do crafts and is extremely patient and methodical with them to the point where he is often sitting alone at the table after Abigail, Juliet, and Luke have finished and run off to do something else (the other day he worked on painting a snowman for probably 3 hours).  He's also obsessive about his work and gets really offended if it disappears from its display place--last year we had a turkey hanging up for almost 6 months after Thanksgiving before he finally told me it could come down.  Anyway. It sounds a little crazy but I promise it's endearing. :-)

So anyway, Isaac had his Thanksgiving program a few weeks ago, and I don't remember if I took any photos or just video. I do remember that his teacher told me that during their rehearsal they looked around and couldn't find Isaac, and then finally spotted a pair of shoes sticking out of a potted plant and realized that he'd backed off the stage, topped into a plant, and was just waiting patiently for someone to rescue him.

Luke and I took selfies while we were waiting for Isaac's Christmas program to start...can you tell from Luke's expression exactly why we had to take a million photos? Two-year-old patience wearing thin here.

Isaac was pretty selective about what songs he sang. He didn't do any of the motions, which was not at all surprising to me--he's perfected the raised eyebrow that seems to question everyone else's enthusiasm. Very blas√©.  (PS--here's Jules at the same school two years previously.)

This picture is also extremely amusing to me, because all the other kids are super excited and Isaac's just poker-faced. Kind of a The Queen Is Not Amused vibe going on here, or he's copying Neil's not-impressed look that Neil likes to do in really high-end stores.

So the kids sang songs for about 5 minutes and it was really darling and then we all went and ate a ridiculous amount of cookies. Perfect program. The end.

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