Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nathan is (almost) eight months old

My darling Tottles is almost eight months old, and let's be honest, I may not blog again before his "birthday." So I snapped a few photos after church today to document his adorableness.

You guys, I just adore this little man. He is so, so, so sweet and kissable and lovable and delightful. He has the most delicious baby laugh, and he is so ticklish and happy. He goes crazy with joy when you pick him up and just erupts into waves of giggles (but he doesn't like the camera!)

Natie has cut two teeth in the past week (thank heavens--there were some grumpy nights!) and is off of his reflux medication and his nebulizer treatments. He is doing way better with the reflux, but I've found that he is much more sensitive to solid foods. He will happily gum down a chunk of banana, but about half of the time those chunkier foods cause him to start projectile vomiting. So we're still doing a lot of soft purees, although he does quite well with Cheerios (which he can feed himself! Yay!). His favorite food thus far seems to be roasted tomato bisque.

Nathan loves to watch the kitten play--he will just sit there laughing like crazy while the kitten runs around and then try to grab a big handful of kitten when Hermes gets close enough. Thankfully Hermes, who has more than earned his title of Most Patient Cat Ever, puts up with Nathan and wiggles away when he gets a chance.

Nathan has also learned how to blow raspberries on other people.  He finds this hilarious.

And, of course, Natie is never happier than when he is playing with the big kids. The five of them immediately decamped after lunch today and started playing a very elaborate game, and Nathan was thrilled to join in by trying to bite the head off of a plastic kangaroo. I feel so lucky to have all five of these kiddos in my world.

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Kayli said...

He absolutely is adorable!! You and I should win awards for having beyond cute kids!!

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