Monday, December 02, 2013


I have photos that I should upload, but I have five minutes right now so I'm going to write and worry about the photos later.

Thanksgiving was great--we had my parents and grand-parents here and it was so wonderful to be with all of them.  I wanted a low-key environment and tasty food and I think we accomplished that. :-)  I made ten pies on Wednesday and then relaxed with my family in the evening when they arrived, and then Neil and I did some prep work for Thursday later that night. On Thanksgiving morning I took the turkey out to bring it to room temperature and then Neil and I went to go run a 5-K race (I ran it in 8:01/mile; could have gone faster but I was hanging back looking for Neil who said he would catch up after tying his shoe & never did! Poor guy hasn't had any running time at all lately; I'm impressed that he could just go out and run it in 8:46/mile after not running for months).  Anyway, it was a perfect way to start the day and I loved it. After we ate dinner, we all curled up on couches and watched Monsters University and ate more pie.

Neil was around this weekend and it was AWESOME.  I did a ton of sewing--lots of Christmas gifts and finally finished the stockings. We also finished painting the trim in the hallway (we painted the library walls & trim and the hallway walls last Monday/Tuesday before Thanksgiving). I ran 6 days last week since my goal is to do a holiday streak with daily running (except Sunday) until New Year's.

Luke & Nathan are both sick right now.  Cheery, but sick. Nathan projectile vomits whenever I give him his medicine so that's making it harder to get him healthy again. Isaac seems to be much happier in preschool and our kitten continues to be a little darling--right now he's asleep on Isaac's lap while the boys play Cranium together.

I think I'm mostly doing pretty well these days. I've had some serious ups and downs lately--but I think so much of this is just the inevitable stress that comes from having young children. It's hard for me to realize that I can't do everything and that there will always be something undone and that sometimes even if I do manage to do something, it's not done as well as I'd like. I just had to email the girls' teachers and tell them that I probably won't be able to come help out in the classrooms until after winter break--while I can still do lots of things to help out from home (am I the only one who actually finds cutting laminating to be very soothing?)--it's just about impossible to get in there with the boys so sick. And Nathan is NOT a child who will nap anywhere other than his bed, more's the pity.

Anyway, since sometimes I think blogs give a really weird perspective on life, here is the truth of my life right now, both good and bad: last night I stayed up late sewing pajama pants for my kids. They are super cute. But then I slept in and missed scripture study with my kids. Then I called  the pediatrician and managed to convince them to squeeze us in today. While we waited at the doctor's office I read stories to Luke from the treasury we'd brought along. I spent another 45 minutes waiting for the prescriptions (we went to the pharmacy 3 times and each time they kept saying another 15 minutes). While we were waiting we hit Wendy's and that's what my kids had for lunch today. My floors are vacuumed but my kitchen sink is full of dishes. I'm wearing a really cute outfit but I put my glasses on when I came home because my eyes hurt from lack of sleep. And my hands smell like vomit because the last time Nathan threw up, I caught it in my hands hoping to keep the carpets a bit cleaner, since I just cleaned them last week. I'm not sure what we're having for dinner today, since I haven't been to the grocery store since before Thanksgiving, but I will guarantee you this:  it will not be anything related to Thanksgiving leftovers because I am so done with that. Life is a mixed bag, just like it always is, but more ups than downs and I'm grateful that I get a new chance at it every day.

The end.

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Elise Gray said...

You're awesome. And I can't wait to see you in LESS THAN ONE MONTH!

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