Monday, January 27, 2014

Things I actually did on a day where I felt like I hadn't accomplished much

I've blogged before about how easy it is for me to ignore all of the things I've done in favor of the things I've left undone. Tonight as I was showering post-run I was enumerating all of the undones--the living room was still cluttered with library books, two loads of laundry were waiting to be folded, I hadn't spent as much time reading & playing with the kids as I normally do (this one was really really really bothering me--not once did I get a chance to sit down and assemble train tracks or help find a puzzle piece), etc. I just felt like it was an incredibly unfulfilling day--one of those ones where you're going nonstop all day but then you can't actually pinpoint what filled the day up--know what I mean?

So here is what I did today, and I must confess that compiling this list made me feel better.
  • nursed/pumped/syringed Nathan 4 times
  • washed all the breakfast dishes
  • got the two little boys dressed
  • paid bills, balanced credit card, checking, and savings accounts; paid Neil's & Isaac's tuition
  • took 4 kids to the dentist (Jules had a couple of fillings; Abigail tagged along since there was a two-hour delay & Isaac was at preschool)--entertained 3 kids while Jules was having fun in the dentist's chair
  • soothed and bandaged (twice) a bloody knee after Abigail took a nasty spill on some ice outside the dentist's office
  • returned library books
  • took Abigail to school, then picked her up a few hours later
  • made, served, and cleaned up lunch
  • responded to (some) emails
  • changed six diapers
  • made my bed
  • chatted on the phone with a dear friend & my mom
  • gave Luke his medicine (poor kid has been having a sad bout with rectal prolapse for the last three or four months--every bit as miserable and awful as it sounds. fortunately we're only an hour away from an awesome pediatric GI specialist).
  • cleaned up Luke after he had an accident
  • made 3 batches of fruit leather for the kiddos

  • ordered new glasses for Abigail to replace the ones which snapped in half this weekend
  • completed and filed 2013 income taxes
  • read stories to the kiddos
  • picked up about a gazillion toys
  • supervised homework and piano practice
  • quizzed kids on spelling words
  • made, served, and cleaned up afternoon snacks
  • cleaned up Luke after he had an accident
  • made, served, and cleaned up dinner
  • scrubbed down the kitchen
  • had family home evening with everyone
  • had family scripture study/prayer
  • made a list with the kids of all the fun things we'd like to do this winter (please please please let it stop being -25 F outside!!) and taped it to the pantry door
  • apologized to Jules and snuggled with her and rubbed her back after I started yelling when she ripped the casing of one of the floor pillows I just made (ooh it drives me crazy when they wear the pillows as wings because they ALWAYS end up ripping them)
  • tucked the kiddies into bed and sang them their goodnight songs...somewhere in there I was foolhardy enough to promise Abigail that I would help her sew a stuffed velvet dragon tomorrow...
  • set up a playdate for the kids tomorrow since school is cancelled AGAIN (okay, mostly for me!)
  • read (sporadically throughout the day while nursing) a book that Abigail loved and really wanted me to read
  • ran 6 miles
  • graded student papers for an hour
  • did my best to use up all of the hot water taking a shower at the end of the day while thinking up this list


Melanie said...

I love it all. Sounds exactly like my days- running nonstop and then wondering what I did all day long... Good luck with another snow day!

Amanda said...

Sounds familiar and busy! Go enjoy another hot hot shower! :)

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