Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why hello, little blog

Things are good these days. I'm really enjoying my children and the opportunities we have in our lives. They are delightful little people and I love spending time with them. Especially the boys, because their lives are still so simple and uncomplicated--all it takes to make them happy is my company. I did not appreciate that enough when the girls were younger. I'm really trying to soak up the stages the girls are in now, because I know it will just keep getting more emotionally complex as they get older! I'm finding that the most important parenting thing I can do is just to be calm and available. Abigail came home from school today in a super-stormy mood and after dinner today I pulled her aside and we just sat together in silence for ten minutes while I rubbed her head and she finally opened up. When the girls were younger I felt so much pressure to be out and about to avoid boredom and give me mental stimulation--and quite honestly, it was good for that stage in our lives--but now I just really love being home.

On Sunday our family sang together in church (this song, if you're interested). We sing it with the kids every night--I have a great video of Isaac singing it just before he turned 2--and they know it well enough that they were comfortable doing a little solo for the second verse. I loved listening to them...and I told them I would make caramel popcorn after church if they sang nice and loud. Which they did. So that night we ate our popcorn and played a family version of Trivial Pursuit (i.e., "What is something the person at your left does really well?" "What is Dad's greatest ambition for you?" "What would the person two to your right buy with $1000?"). I love evenings like that.

Today was Isaac's half-birthday. Since all of our birthdays are clustered together in the summer, winter can be kind of barren around here party-wise. So Isaac and I decided this afternoon that we would bake a cake. We originally planned to bake half a cake but then we decided that WE LIKE CAKE and we wanted a whole cake.

Neil worked straight through yesterday evening and didn't come home until about midnight, so we had family home evening tonight instead. After Abigail taught us a great lesson about table manners and ways to be polite & appreciative at dinner (let's see if any of that sinks in...) we had our delicious cake. I nabbed the recipe from my friend Jen's 30 Cakes project. The cake itself was delicious; I should have looked harder to find my original mint buttercream recipe (Jen did a vanilla frosting but I'm kind of a sucker for mint) because the one I used wasn't fantastic. And we wanted our cake right away, so the ganache didn't have much time to set, but it was still super yummy.

Natie took his first bath in the big tub tonight (he's being doing sink/baby tub baths) and he loved it. So so so darling.
 I just can't get enough of my beautiful little boys. Their chubby little arms! Their cheeks! The spiky soft hair! The round tummies! My older three kids are starting to grow so fast and they're all long arms and legs and bony elbows...I have to kiss these baby cheeks while I can (plus the older three don't let me pretend to eat their cheeks anymore, more's the pity. Luke and Nathan still think it's hilarious).

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