Sunday, February 09, 2014

Day 3

Good things today:

1) I love teaching my Sunday School class. It is packed with intelligent and interesting people who have a wealth of experience and thoughts to share, and they are SO willing to participate! I love the discussions that we get going--today we spent 90% of the lesson talking about a single question (we were discussing the story of Noah's ark and how we can be spiritually and temporally prepared in our own lives today). Just so fascinating and such a neat group of people--I learn so much from them every week. And it is so good for me to be studying the lesson over and over--you never learn something as thoroughly as you do when you're teaching it!

2) Technology is awesome. Today I received my mom's standard newsy-and-inspirational Sunday morning family email, talked on the phone with my dad & two of my sisters, FaceTimed with another sister, and texted back and forth with my other sister and brother-in-law (his advice was the clincher in our washer-dryer decision!). I love that I am able to stay connected with my family like this! Such a blessing (and so grateful to the parents who gave me an iPad to make it possible!)

3) Late yesterday evening the sweet little Girl Scouts returned to our door. Two words: Thin Mints.

4) Neil (who was sick) stayed home from church today with Nathan (also sick and super grumpy) and Luke (not sick). I felt kind of bad for thinking this, but church was SO quiet and restful today with just the three older kids! Much easier to listen. :-)

5) The kids are really pretty good about packing their own lunches for school. I love this. Sure, there's the occasional complaining about doing it, but by and large they take care of it themselves (although I do always check to see what they're taking after the time Abigail took a thermos of pickle juice as her drink). They are very conscientious about ensuring that they have a protein, grain, fruit, and vegetable. Cute and makes my life much simpler!

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