Wednesday, February 05, 2014

iPad photo dump

 I love those little pursed lips! Sweet boy.

 I think I may already have posted this photo but I like it enough that I'll repost it anyway.

I took this photo a few weeks ago because I thought it was funny that my treadmill clock restarted after 100 minutes.

This week is the halfway point in marathon training. Guess what? Polar vertex = I have not run outside since New Year's Day. That's right, people...last week I ran a half-marathon on my treadmill at 11:30 PM (and I had to nurse Nathan at the 11-mile mark! Talk about it being hard to start again--I was so cold and stiff!!). My feelings about this are mixed: I love having my super-nice treadmill because there's no way I'd be getting my runs in otherwise, but goodness, that is a LONG TIME to be on a treadmill. And marathon training itself is interesting--I definitely don't think I'm going to be setting any records for an impressive time. I promised myself that if I was going to do this it would take a backseat to my family, and you know what? I'm obsessive enough that something like that is kind of hard for me. Most days I do my runs after the kids are asleep and Neil is working (maybe once a week I'll run during naptime, and only if it's a shorter run so I can still spend one-on-one time with Isaac while the little boys are asleep). But some nights Neil ends up not working and he wants to spend time together and I'd planned to run. I know, I know...but for instance, yesterday I was planning to run 7 miles but the weather was SO bad that he didn't go back to work, and it was a definite gesture of love to postpone my run and spend time with him instead. I know that sounds bizarre, but it's true (Neil may be the only one on earth to whom this makes sense since he lives with it, but he doesn't read my blog anyway).

On one of our many many snow days we broke out the fabric markers and decorated pillowcases for everyone. Isaac wanted a Han Solo Angry Bird, Jules a unicorn, Abigail a dragon, and Luke requested Yoda with a lightsaber (Luke really really loves Yoda and quite frequently will dress up in a Yoda costume and go around using this funny little Yoda voice and say, "I am Yoda, hmm?").  The kids all decorated one side of their pillowcases and then decided they wanted me to do the other side, after which they colored it in.

The other night I was watching Neil wash Nathan's face after dinner--Nathan was happily splashing and chortling in the water--and I just felt so much love and gratitude for my good husband.

Last Sunday Lukey and I were snuggling on the couch and he was just laughing and laughing. That kid has the BEST laugh and it is so gorgeous that all of us are always trying to get him to laugh. And his smile is so darling too!

I think all the laughing wore him out because literally two minutes later he fell asleep in my lap.

On Friday I felt a creative urge and so Isaac and I spent the afternoon pintucking my duvet and shams. Then I liked how it looked so I took the velvet left over from our Christmas stockings and made a few pillows. I'm slowly getting my living room back to a place where the colors are working together, and this velvet oddly works really well. It has a sort of weird sheen in this photo--definitely better in person.

One thing I have discovered in the last six months is how awesome Goodwill (a thrift store) is here. I used to just see it as a convenient place to donate items I no longer used, and then one day I had literally scoured EVERY store in town looking for a plain white dress shirt for Isaac to wear at my sister's wedding. It was summer and there was seriously nothing available--and it takes about 25 minutes for me to get to Target or the mall, so I was seriously annoyed about this. So as a last-ditch stop I tried Goodwill, and I found a gorgeous little GapKids shirt in his size...and I think it was a dollar or something like that.

Anyway, I have become very fond of Goodwill (every month or two I hit the 50% off first Saturday to replace all of the pants that my kids have inevitably worn through in the intervening months. Please tell me I'm not the only one whose children outgrow/destroy their pants this quickly! I've tried buying super-nice ones or pants with a lifetime guarantee, but I have to say, buying a pair for $2 at Goodwill is my current fave).

Anyway anyway, Jules and I put together these fun outfits on Sunday using Goodwill finds (excluding the jewelry). You can't tell in the picture, but her leggings are cuffed with sequins and they are the cutest thing.

I used to take photos of food a lot (remember Foodie Fridays?) but I haven't in a long time...I kind of miss that.

So here are the boys making graham crackers one afternoon last week...

and here's dinner from Friday, maybe? Quinoa salad & whole-wheat pizza with roasted veggies.

Both were super good.

And these are seriously my favorite cookies ever--my neighbor brought me some a few months ago and I ended up hiding them in my room because I didn't want to share with the kids (I asked her for the recipe and made another batch the next day).

And just to round things out, on Saturday I was looking for some medical tape and ended up tracking it down in our 72-hour kit. As I was repacking the MREs, Neil asked if we needed to replace them--turns out yes, we did. So the kids asked if they could eat the MREs, and we just ended up eating them for dinner.
You guys. I do not recommend it. Definitely palatable in crisis, and in all fairness they might taste better when they are newer, but it's not an experience I am eager to repeat.  However, it was a good thing to do, since now we know what ones we liked more than others and we can restock accordingly.

And last but not least...this darling little smile.

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