Monday, February 10, 2014

My new loves

1) We had some timing changes this week which means that while I won't have a freshly-painted laundry room, I DO have a brand-new washer and dryer earlier than I thought I would!  I am so in love--I kept texting Neil things like, "I just fit seven towels into the washer!" and "the sheets are already dry after only 38 minutes!" We named them Mrs. Hughes (washer) and Carson (dryer). My hope is that my children will grow up, go off to college, and embarrass themselves by casually referring to the laundry facilities in their dorms as "Carson and Mrs. Hughes." (Will anyone catch the Downton Abbey reference by that point?)

Apparently our children are easily entertained, because I found all five of them sitting in a row watching the washer churn away. They'd been there so long that they'd gone out and brought floor pillows back and they had this whole stadium-style seating going on...the girls eventually drifted away after about 40 minutes but Isaac and Luke hung out in there for almost an hour just watching the washer.

2) Tonight for Family Home Evening we had a lesson on love (we had little pieces of paper with kind/not kind things written on them and we took turns reading them and deciding whether they would go into our "love house" [which is really a birdhouse but whatevs]. Then for our activity we all went and did something kind for the person to our left & came back to report on what we'd done...and then we made heart-shaped sugar cookies and the kids ate way more cookie/frosting concoctions than anyone who is headed for bedtime should ever consume.

3) Right now we all have the same lousy head cold (except for Isaac who originally brought it home and shared it around). I am hopeful that it will be short-lived and trying to be grateful that at least we all have it at the same time, so I don't have to worry about trying to keep the kids from infecting each other. (Unfortunately I didn't know the girls were sick until they came home from school today, so I guess we've exposed all their classmates.)

4) This is a weird thing to be grateful for, but Neil's car has something weird going on with it right now where the battery drains itself. So I drove him to and from campus today and took all the kids to school on the way (something he usually does). It definitely took a large chunk out of my day, but seeing how sick and miserable he was I was SO glad that I had an excuse to drop him off at the door to his lab so that he didn't have to walk for ten minutes in the freezing cold from his car to his office.

5) I washed all my sheets and towels today. I love snuggling down in crispy-crackling fresh sheets and I am so looking forward to bedtime tonight (it seems like the ultimate pinnacle of perfection when you have a head cold!).

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