Sunday, February 02, 2014

Nathan is nine months old!

Oh this heart just turns over with love when I look at him. He is the most darling thing.

This morning I was picking him up out of his high chair and cleaning all the little bits of food off of his tightly-fisted hands and he was just so perfect that I had to squeeze his little sleeper-clad body until he giggled. I love him so much and I can't imagine my life without him. He makes me want to have four more babies because I can't ever comprehend a time when I won't have a darling little imp to smile cheekily up at me from the floor.

We went in for his nine-month checkup earlier this week. True to form, he was in the 75th percentile for height and 35th for weight--just staying right on that curve! (I think he was 18 lbs 13 oz.) I'm slowly becoming (slightly) better about not worrying about his weight, but he definitely still is my most difficult-to-nurse baby. I gave him formula twice this week because I just could not interest him in nursing and I wasn't terribly successful at pumping. We'll see how all of that goes...I have tried SO hard to keep nursing/pumping with him since he is so small, but...I don't know.

Nathan is really starting to work his way around the house--he has a combination of rolling and wiggling that gets him to the places he wants to go. The other kids were initially super excited that he could move about and then quickly became disillusioned when he started gnawing on their possessions. And, of course, Nathan wants to eat the cat more than anything else. Abigail gave him her stuffed cat (which has the same coloration as Hermes) so that he can gnaw on it to his heart's content. Hermes will put up with the occasional tail-pulling and paw-grabbing from Nathan, but for some reason he isn't willing to let Natie grab a fistful of his back and stuff it into his mouth...

Nathan is currently sharing a room with Abigail--they do so well together and I must admit that it is SO nice for me because Abigail will give him his paci in the night and bring him in to me in the morning when he wakes up! She is so sweet with him and I love watching them together. He totally lights up when he sees her; it makes me think of how excited I was to get my little sister Elise out of her crib when she was a baby.

Nathan is working on adding a couple of top teeth to the adorable little teethies in his bottom gums. We went through a few nasty nights while they were cutting through, but thankfully he seems to be back to his happy-go-lucky sleep-all-night schedule. He loves eating bananas, mandarin oranges, cheese, tortellini, roasted sweet potatoes & carrots...pretty much anything he can feed himself (he's definitely in the stage where he does not want to be spoon-fed).

I'm so glad we have this little charmer in our house. I was listening to Abigail talk to him the other day when she got home from school and she was saying, "Who's the cutest baby in the world? Who's the sweetest baby in the world? Who do we love so so so much?" and tickling him and he was giggling and I just thought...we are so blessed. I love my houseful of little people and he is the perfect addition.


Meghan said...

He is a doll, as are all of your kids! I'm so glad Abigail has such a wonderful relationship with him. And formula may be just what both of you need at this point. It's not a moral issue, just a logistical one.

Julianne said...

I think he looks perfectly handsome and healthy. If it makes you feel any better, Mercy is only 16 lbs 11 oz (5% for height and 25% for weight).

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