Wednesday, February 19, 2014

remember this some day

Scene in my kitchen today when it was time to make dinner:

  • Nathan is in his high chair crying because he is hungry but he doesn't like any of the food I've offered him
  • Luke is crying because he just woke up from his nap and he wants a pumpkin muffin but he bit into a carrot one instead and THE HORROR 
  • Isaac is eating his third muffin and squeezing the cat (who then goes [understandly!] crazy)
  • Juliet just finished cleaning up the spill from dropping an open jar of baby food peach puree on the floor (she loves to eat it), which exploded EVERYWHERE, and is now asking at the top of her lungs what her next spelling word is
  • Abigail forgot her math workbook and is trying to find her homework online--it's not working and she's calling for me to come help find it

The truly amazing thing is that five minutes later it's totally quiet--everyone is looking at a book or settled down to homework (excepting Nathan, who has developed a weird habit of making a beeline for the wall underneath the end table and just hanging out under there--maybe he feels safe?). Too bad my adrenaline is still pumping!

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