Tuesday, February 11, 2014


1) So I was feeling SO crummy earlier today--that awful head cold finally took full hold of me. I felt like my head was going to explode but I was hoping that if I did my regular run that I would feel better--after seven miles I was singing (panting?) very loudly in French. Neil came home at the end of this and now he's getting even with me by making me listen to this as I type. Oh my gosh it's so bad that it's hilarious...also he is singing too. And first he made me listen to this one.

2) We had pizza for dinner (Neil picked it up on the way home--when we were talking earlier in the day I was telling him that I couldn't even begin to think about dinner because I felt so awful!). We all sat around the table in our pajamas (those of us who didn't have to go to school/work today, at least) and enjoyed it while Abigail reminded us that we had also had donuts for breakfast this morning (Neil took the kids out this morning while I was sleeping off a late night with Natie & the kids all had a 2-hour delay so hey, donuts). Yummy but also ironic because Neil and I declared this "Flab-you-less February" where we were only going to eat junk food that we made as opposed to buying ice cream and the like (oh but those donuts were so good. And I suppose the pizza counted too). Good thing I ran tonight after all.

2b) Neil and I talk on the phone every day at lunchtime. I love touching base with him then. Probably not the most efficient use of his time, but I sure love it.

3) Jules had her first piano lesson tonight and she was so darling. And I am delighted because she is taking back-to-back lessons with Abigail so that makes my life considerably easier.

4) Nathan had an AWFUL night last night but he slept for almost 3 hours for his morning nap...that break was just what I needed in the way of puttering around the house, reading to Isaac and Luke, and building giant train tracks all over the place. When he woke up I was delighted to see him again.

5) My new running tights came in the mail today. I was super excited and then realized as I was putting them away that I am always digging through my drawers looking for my running clothes, and I should just keep them all together in one place instead of sorting out socks, pants, shirts, jackets, etc. So I reorganized that (wow I have a lot of running clothes) and yes, it did take me six years of collecting tech clothes to think of that, but it is so nice to have them all together and easy to find what I want!

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