Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This child

One of my favorite little things about Isaac is his deep and abiding love for yoga. He is so good at reminding me that it's been awhile since we had "a good yoga stretch" and always encourages me to "get your feet flat like me in down dog, Mom!"

Last week when I picked him up from preschool both of his teachers were so excited to tell me about the way that he had very carefully and methodically built a K'Nex hot-air balloon. They were especially impressed that when he had finished following the printed instructions he had looked critically at his resulting construction, pursed his lips, and then added another piece bracing the main frame and announced, "This will make it all stronger." His preschool teachers are also constantly telling me how amazed they are by his crazy-long attention span for any kind of arts and crafts (I must confess that Isaac is actually better at cutting things out than both Jules and Abigail, since he is so intent on perfection). It's interesting to see how Isaac's personality is playing out as a combination of various traits from Neil & me. He and Luke will spend hours and hours and hours together following each page of a LEGO instruction set (I used to just toss all the sets in together...I have now spent hours and hours of my life searching through our GIANT stash of LEGOs to retrieve each individual piece for every single instruction set we have). They also spend a lot of time doing puzzles together and it seems like everyone who knows Isaac knows how much he loves puzzles, so we now have a crazy-huge puzzle collection which the boys like to go through every day. They carefully take each puzzle from its bag, assemble it, and then slide it over to the "finished" side and start the next puzzle. The fact that Nathan started crawling has been met with no small amount of horrified screaming from the Methodical Builder Brothers.

Some of my other favorite things about Isaac right now: he is in love with kidney beans and will eat an entire can (straight from the can) at one sitting, he loves Greek yogurt, he insists on peeling his own boiled eggs and making his own toast, he still loves for me to read him fairy tales and rub his head while the other boys are napping, he loves anything and everything containing pumpkin, he is teaching himself to read (!!!) with my incidental help (he's also teaching Lukey in the process) he jumps incredibly high when he needs to go to the bathroom, he has a special Angry Birds shirt that says, "This is what awesome looks like!" that he loves more than anything but always wants to save to wear on special days (like going to a friend's house), he still tells incredibly long and detailed stories and will start over at the beginning if you interrupt him, even if he's almost done, and he still bats those long gorgeous lashes at you if he wants something really special. Ooooh I love this boy and I am so glad that he still lets me kiss him and squeeze him and cuddle him--I will be so sad when he gives up his nighttime routine of kiss one cheek, kiss the other cheek, hug one side, hug the other side, repeat. And when he stops blessing the food in every single prayer he says...

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Melanie said...

Our boys are kindred spirits. :)

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