Thursday, March 27, 2014

I love cakes and Lukes

I feel like I have a lot that I want to write about, but it's more private journal type of stuff than blog stuff. But I do want to write a little bit here too...just random things.

1) I have been reading a lot lately about mothers that I admire. Right now I am reading up on Maria von Trapp and Lillian Moller Gilbreth. I have a big stack of biographies & autobiographies about the two of them on my nightstand right now (and of course I do love The Story of the von Trapp Family Singers and Cheaper by the Dozen and Belles on Their Toes, all of which I have read and reread dozens of times, but I am loving reading much more in depth about the mothers who headed these families). My favorite out of all the ones I've read so far is this.

2) Kind of on that same note, I have been revamping my feed reader lately to include some new-to-me blogs that focus on mothering. My new favorite is this one. Any good ones you'd suggest?

3) Last Saturday I ran 20 miles. Just in case you hadn't realized it, that is a lot of miles. It was kind of crazy but also awesome in a crazy kind of way. I am running my marathon in 2 weeks and 2 days and I can't believe it!

4) I've been working on our house again a lot lately. I have been doing the 40 bags in 40 days clear-things-out-thing (yes, I do realize I'm not Catholic, but I have always loved the idea of Lent as a time to clear my mind and my heart). Along the way I have been selling off things, donating a ton of things, and freshening up our spaces (thanks to the cash influx!). My very very very favorite thing about this is that I finally found some beautiful wingback chairs to replace the papasan chairs that I have passionately loathed for years. This would be a good place to put a picture but guess what, if I put off this post until I remember to take a good picture the post will never get published.

On the other hand, I have (mostly) finished the boys' room as well, and I did take a picture of half of it. Finishing this room entailed finding new curtains (I was planning to sew these but couldn't find any fabric that I liked in the right price range--I randomly saw these curtains on clearance at Hobby Lobby which I still need to hem and rehang but oh well), painting over the lavender walls and brown molding, painting the bookcase, sewing all of the reading floor pillows, finally hanging the rhino head (Isaac and I made it of paper mache earlier this summer and I then Mod Podged scrapbook paper all over it), painting that little photo frame, and then turning a piece of scrap wood into that reading sign (I painted the words on and it is definitely kind of wonky-looking but it was really fun to paint). Anyway, the rest of the room is done and decorated too but I just didn't bother to take a picture yet. And the lighting is really person it is much brighter. Oh! And I almost forgot--Neil spray-painted the rhino head with glow-in-the-dark paint, so that is kind of weird but also sort of awesome (I just hope none of my kids end up in therapy because they're convinced a Baskerville-esque rhino is after them).

5) Spring is almost here! Our crocus (croci?) are up and blooming in the back, and the tulips are poking through in the front. Take that, pellets of icy rain/snow that were falling all morning! It has been a loooong winter and in some ways I am SO ready for it to be over and in some ways I am dreading the summer (please don't be wretchedly hot!). I must admit that this kind of winter definitely has its perks in terms of feeling like it is way too cold to do anything other than lounge in front of the fire in our pajamas. My favorite kind of days.

6) Speaking of which, I am starting to think about summer plans with the kiddos. This is (hopefully) our last summer here, which means there is SO much that I want to pack in, and Neil will be working like crazy so I want to just do lots of adventures with the kids. I have really been debating and struggling lately about what I should do with the antidepressants--it has been an awful rocky month--but ultimately I ended up getting a renewal of my prescription because I want to be 100% present this summer, and I have not been able to do that this past month with a lowered dosage. I want to be full of energy and fun and excitement and perseverance rather than feeling defeated by the simple question of what's for lunch (okay, sometimes that is not all that simple. Have I mentioned lately that while I used to LOVE cooking I have decided that I do not always love cooking for my kids?).

Anyway, that's all.


Nate said...
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Melissa said...

Love the boys room. Good luck on the marathon! You'll have to pass on any activities that are your favorite. A motherhood blog that I like is (the previous comment that was deleted was me- it just posted as being Nate...)

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