Thursday, March 06, 2014

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The last couple of days the boys and I have been working on painting their room. It is the only room in the house we've never painted (it was a really gorgeous lavender when we moved in and absolutely perfect for the girls). So basically this means that my boys have been sleeping in what used to be a beautiful lavender room and is now a lavender room covered in chipped paint and nail holes. It was probably only noticeable to me but the color was really bothering me because it clashed so much with their bedding, plus neither of them really like purple that much (if it was pink it would be a different story!).

So yesterday we primed all the molding and today we painted the walls. I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be able to caulk and paint the molding and then we can move the furniture back and THEN I have some additional fun things I want to try with paint to do an accent wall. Truth be told, if we were going to be living here longer than a year I would paint one entire wall with this scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a book that I loved as a kid and my kids all adore as well.  We all have it memorized and we usually read it at least once a day. Anyway, one day Isaac and I spent a looong time editing out all the text on the page and recreating Parisian buildings where the text & the center of the page were (seriously, I was really impressed with my editing since I was just using Paint and I had to create all of the sky below the moon in the left corner and all of the buildings in the lower right half of the page below the River Seine, plus erase the crack that runs through the center. You can probably tell where I made alterations if you look closely). So we have that framed on their wall but I would love to do the ENTIRE wall (I did consider just painting this onto the lavender wall, but I thought that prospective buyers might not love it as much as I do).

Anyway, it's always entertaining doing a project with them because they keep up a running monologue commenting on the project's progress or something their friend said or something they want to do...anything they think of, and Isaac in particular is a nonstop talker. My very favorite thing that he said today (out of the blue) was this: "I'm glad I'm not a girl, because I don't want to have babies. But I need to help after my babies are born when I am a daddy."

How lucky my boys are to have such a good daddy as a role model! And how lucky my girls are to have such a good daddy as a model of the kind of men that make good husbands and daddies.

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