Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lukey my Lukey

One of my favorite photos of Luke--July 2012

Tonight Luke and I were biking together and he was chatting away as he perched behind my bike seat and I thought that there is so much that I don't write about this little love of mine simply because he is fourth in line, and I really should jot down a few things.

Our children are split on whether they prefer Neil or me--sometimes it just depends on the day--but Luke is always devoted to me, which is a nice little self-esteem boost. On Saturday I wasn't feeling very well and I was lying on my bed when Luke woke up from his nap. I could hear him sobbing and realized that he was calling out for me, despite the fact that there were three friends visiting and lots of exciting things going on. He came in, climbed up on my bed, and snuggled down next to me and stayed there looking into my eyes for a solid hour--so content to just be with me. I was feeling all weepy and sad and it was such a blessing to realize that my son needed nothing more than my presence to feel safe and secure.

Luke has an incredibly active imagination and a ridiculously sophisticated vocabulary for a child his age--the other day he said something like, "Shall we go read some stories?" and I was just tickled pink by his cuteness. I also chuckled today when he asked a grumpy Nathan, "What is wrong, my little tiny flufferkinhead?" He always has very elaborate games going on--today he was a fearful pirate at lunch eating the tiny little fishes (peanut butter and honey sandwich wedges), and later at dinner he was a giant eating huge boulders (chickpeas). He usually has a number of small toys that he carries around to act out his games and they all have names (like Gennulmun Lightsaber). Yesterday he spent a long time running around in cowboy chaps and a Yoda hat and told me he was "Cowboy Captain Yoda." He has a very long attention span for books, stories, games, crafts, etc. He has also been incredibly good-natured about his health issues and has been so good about all the exams, medication, and unpleasantness that he's been through.

I don't think I even blogged about Luke switching over to a big-boy bed, which he did before his second birthday, and potty-training, which he did just after his second birthday. Both barely registered as blips on the radar because he was so easy-going about each...hey cool, this is my new bed? I think I'll stay in it without any problem. Oh look! A potty! I know what to do with that one too. He's just an incredibly low-key, happy-go-lucky little guy, and he totally rocks my world--he is also the only one of my kids who has ever actually enjoyed the shower. Random, I know, but so nice to have someone who will consent to have yogurt sluiced out of his hair without going crazy!!

The mornings I spend one-on-one with him are easily the most calming parts of my day and help me to gear up for the rest of the goings-on around here.

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