Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Abigail as Babe the Blue Ox

Today we went to Abigail's classroom to watch her class perform their play "America's Tallest Tales." It centered around Paul Bunyan's search for his missing blue ox Babe, played by our sweet little Abigail in a pair of paper-mache horns made by yours truly!

 All of the children were marvelous--not a single slip on lines in a performance that was nearly an hour long, many many brave soloists, and a wonderfully enthusiastic chorus and well-memorized choreography.

 But as a proud mother, I must tell you that I thought my little songbird was the very best of all. Confident, articulate, and charming--she sang her solo with great volume, excellent pitch, and a great little wry sense of humor that came through and got her some wonderful laughs at just the right points. And her little flamenco dance was darling.

 Such a treat to get to watch my little girl shine! I was so proud of all her hard work--not just in memorizing the lines, but in her diligent time at the piano that has given her the musical ear to be confident as a singer and her bravery in standing in front of an audience without the slightest hint of nerves.

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Elise Gray said...

I love that she was the ox! And that she was awesome and loved it. :)

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